Ever since the successful company Abby Winters was created back in 2000, people have debated about whether or not "Abby Winters" was a real person. Its director, Garion Hall, and its headquarters were located in Australia. Is there any coincidence that the company suddenly became so successful so quickly? Or is it another reason?

Back in 2000-2005, Garion Hall said in interviews that Abby Winters was real, and spoke about her as if she was his boss, and the Overseer of the business. He kept promoting her as if she was real and here's the strange part. Not only did he do this, but so did all the other staff and actors at Abby Winters.

Why would they all be eager to promote her as a real person so much? Was it just one big joke, or was there some truth?

Suddenly, halfway along the track, they switched from saying Abby Winters was real to saying "No, it's alright she's been made up." Why? Why would they suddenly change their views so quickly after promoting her "reality" for over five years?

There may be an answer to this.

"Abby," is from "Abigail", which is from "Abba," the Jewish for father. It is one of the names of God.

So, putting the name Abby Winters together, it translates to "the Winter of Abba," "the Winter of the Father." Now, as Winter is associated with death and dormancy and decay, this could be translated to "the death of the Father," or, "the death of God."


Is it also any reason behind the business being successful for thirteen years?

Succubi are very peculiar Greek demons who take the form of beautiful women and then feed on male prey, sexually and mentally. So is there some link between this and the Abby Winters business? One thing is for sure, that they would never want us finding out.

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