Pdvd 143

A young girl was playing in the forest, when she wandered too deep. She felt something following her, and was greeted by a hideous creature that had intended to kill her. Fortunately, she came upon a hole that led to who knows where. Although looking at it produced a deafening ringing in her ears, she knew it was better to be there than to be killed by the creature following close behind her.

So she let herself go down head first. Little did she know that the creature was a deformed bear, and the hole was a well. And when she fell into it, her head bluntly hit concrete, and she died almost immediately. In her death, she dreamed of a magical land almost like Alice’s wonderland. She saw talking rabbits, smoking caterpillars, and evil queens.

The child’s imagination turned dark when the evil queen sent her into fiery hell. The child was doomed in hell forever. In reality, her body was found at the bottom of the well, and her parents were shocked to see her once fragile figure, lifeless. Although her eyes were shut, her mind was still intact; her frilly blue dress lay delicately atop her body. Poor Alice didn't learn her lesson:

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

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