Hello I go by many names but call me Tiae. I have a 3DS, and everyone was telling me to get this new game "Animal Crossing: New Leaf". I did and started the game up what I had seen next was just questionable. It was this cat/dog thing named Rover. He looked fine, except for his eyes. They were bloodshot as if he stayed up too late at night. All he said was "DIE YOU DEMON DIE!". He kept saying it over and over again until the screen went black.

All I was thinking that some asshole pirated the cartridge, and then sold it pre-owned so some kid could sue Nintendo. When I got off the train, I looked like a zombie, but instead of hair, I was bald and had claw marks all over me. Whenever I talked to a villager, all they said is "Get away from me. I don't want to be like you!".

It happened to everyone I talked to. Then I had to see Isabelle which was this yellow female dog secretary.

She said this "You need to die. You're not like us. We thought we killed all the humans off so that the Animal Kingdom could become the dominant species. Yet, you are somehow alive. We tried to kill you. And if you won't die now, I'll finish the job for you!"

Then she got an ax, and the screen cut to black, but I could hear the sound of a man screaming. After that, I ejected the cartridge, grabbed a sledge hammer, and smashed the stuffing out of it. I deleted the saved data from the SD card for the game, and I downloaded it off the e-shop. The downloaded game was fine, but I will always remember that game and what it was saying almost a story of sorts.

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