This is Part 3 of Black Mesa Incident.

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Office ComplexEdit

Black Mesa.. It is a hell in here and I started having memories back before this happens... The time I got hired on this Facility.... The time I heard the scientist telling Otis from watching "stupid freaking little horses".... And the "microwave casserole" incident. Man! I thought I will die but... I survive. Now, I'm on the Black Mesa office, full of face huggers and they bite. But I found some more Shotgun ammo and I use it to kill those mother f*ckers trying to kill me. Now the door to the next hallway closed again. And that G-Man went, straighten his tie.. Then he leaves.

"OH MAN!! Your such an idiot!"

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Starting to wish I never have come here. All ill do is to watch MLP with my friend all day and non of this will happen. There is a reason why I got here.


"Mister Kleiner.... Will you do a favor for me?"

"Sure, why not? What is your favor?"

"I want Mr. Freeman to come here. I have discover a specimen."

"Specimen... Okay, he is a test subject and is perfect for the experiment."

And when I came, I watch them, Kleiner was arguing at G-Man. I cannot heard what they are saying but I went closer and press my ear on the glass. This is their conversation:

"NO WAY, MISTER!! The Administrator will suspend me for this!"

"Ahh.. Just follow me and set the AMS (Anti-Mass Spectrometer) to 105 percent and then-"

"Shut the hell up! Go outta here! Get lost!"

"Mister Kleiner, I have just talk with the Administrator..."

"So what?! I don't care if- *cellphone rings*... Hello?... Yes Mr. Walter, there's a guy here wants me to make the Anti Mass Spectrometer to-... Yes sir.. I will set it now; Now there! You won butthead!"


And now I know who cause it... G-Man... But I cannot blame him either, nor Dr. Rosenberg, the creator of the machine. I wonder if my friend Calhoun is still alive, because of this. But there's one person I could blame...


I continued through the depths of Black Mesa and fight a bunch of face huggers and there a turret that almost killed me. I reach to a catwalk but broke when a Hound Eye appears out of nowhere and fell to the catwalk. I rage like what I do when I got hot-headed on my TF2 because I died every time I walk out from the Spawn room.

Anyway, I'm just a Physics scientist. After the long maze on the office, there's a hallway where a scientist fly to the glass, do a body-roll, then he stand up. It thought it would be funny if it is me when something explodes, I will fly on the air, do the roll when is hit the ground, stand up fast, and say "Greeting". But ever since I'm still underground, I can't do it. I ran to the elevator shaft, because it is open and reach the ladder, my jaws almost broke when I bite the metal ladder but I hold grip on the ladder. There's a guy hanging but fell down to his death. I got back up and open the elevator door. Now..... I reach to the second place.

We've Got Hostiles teaserEdit

"Oh God no! Open the silo door! NOO!"

(White flash, next scene)

"Yay! I reach the surface! I'm the best scientist ever..."

  • BOOM*


(White flash, next scene)

"Gordon, they sent those military to kill everyone included in the experiment, specially you..."

(White flash, slowly blacking-out)

Coming up next: We've Got Hostiles!

To be continued...

Credited to VALVe for using their storyline.

Note: VALVe owns this so please, don't tell me that it is my created pasta.


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