Blues Clues Hidden Message

Blues Clues Hidden Message

Supposedly, the producers of the children's show Blue's Clues attempted to smuggle a forbidden episode of the show onto the air. Rumor has it they partially succeeded: the first 30 seconds of the episode aired but then it was taken off the air and a different one was broadcast instead.

A few people claim to have seen those 30 seconds, and say that Steve was facing the camera with a grim expression trying to tell the viewer something that had happened with the show's premiere.

This has all been dismissed as a prank until a DVD was found by a woman named Alyssa Goodman, who is apparently a cousin of 3 siblings that have experience with the paranormal. She claims that this is what she saw when she put it in her DVD player:

Steve comes on screen. He is sitting on his "Thinking Chair" with a grim expression. Then he says to the viewer:

"Please, if you are watching this, please help us. They took me, Blue and, everyone else away from our home. We were enslaved. We had to act in a show of some sort...'Blue's Clues', and they abused and tortured us if we didn't obey, or sometimes even if we did. We hated it. We wanted to go back home. But we're trapped. Please, don't let us suffer anymore. Free us. Please."

She says that she now has a phobia of kid's shows. She fears that the characters in other shows may have had the same fate, and she can't bear to think of that.

This is part of the Goodman Saga

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