So, here I am. Needing to explain this pointless story to you all. Why is said story pointless? Because it can not lift the threat that is already burdened on me.

It started as a normal day, normal for me anyway. I was browsing Reddit, YouTube, the likes. And then I got this fucked up urge to look up creepy shit. Not that it affects me, as I am desensitised to most forms of fear. Mostly through my love of horror that was spawned when I was three or four.

I browsed this very wiki, looking for things to attempt to scare myself with. Jeff, BEN, The Rake. I had seen them all. So I broadened my search. Needless to say, I found results.

I've always had a kind of sweet tooth for Lost Episodes, and no, this isn't a generic story that has blood dripping from some characters fucking eyes. This is real shit. I will continue..

But, I found no Lost Episodes. No REAL ones. But I did find something even more interesting. An entire archive of cancelled shows, ranging all the way from cartoons to documentaries. Now I would assume only a few people knew about this archive. Simply because I scoured through at least 15 pages of results.

There must have been a few independent shows, some with rather peculiar names, such as The Breach. But there were others like Sawtooth Cavern. They were just old children's shows.

One show interested me, the name of which I can not recall. It was a cartoon show, like maybe Pokémon. The episodes had no real chronological order, and they all revolved around one character, Cherry.

Cherry was a character who was normal to a kids show, cheery. Red hair and bright clothes. As I watched more episodes I finally realised that she changed clothing every episode. A very unique trait, although not a defining one.

I came to the third to last episode in the set. I got something to eat and prepared myself to finish off the series. In this episode, Cherry's clothing took a grey, monotone turn. The secondary character, who was a cat, was completely absent. This was like a fan mail episode, although the show was never aired. How they got the mail? I have no clue. Cherry read off clichéd mail, all the while keeping her face pointed at the screen.

The second to last episode was only seven minutes long, with a looping video playing. The levels were almost silent, save for some unintelligible whispers and groans. The last minute was a clip from the fan mail episode, but the animation was not present. It looked real. I say real, but it was Claymation, so technically it was real. I noticed things that were not present before, the levels would pipe up at certain words. After re-watching it, I found the words to form a sentence.

"How do I stop?"

What this meant, I did not find out until the final episode. Now, this episode was... strange. Another short episode; only three minutes. This one had a looping video of Cherry looking out her room door, and screaming. All the while a song reminiscent of Jaws played. And for the last fifteen seconds, and I quote, she spoke the words "Oh my lord, I swear to bring you every soul who lay eyes on this tapes, Oh my lord, Vlauew." And for a second, the words 'See you next time!' appeared.Now I see red hair clumped up in my drains, and I hear a cat meowing through the night. Almost as if she was here. But she can't be. She is just a cartoon character...