One day I was playing Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol on my Nintendo DSi. I was facing the final boss, Miasmo. I was so angry that Chibi’s battery was fully depleted in the battle for six times. It was so annoying. In the seventh time, when Miasmo had three bits of health left, Chibi’s battery had 30 20 watts remaining. At this point, my heart was pounding. In the end, I won. But when the last happy point hit Miasmo, something devastating happened. The game froze. I was so disappointed that I started screaming and pounding the ground. It was one of the most biggest temper tantrums I’ve ever had. I was doing this because I was not going to know how the game ends.

To make things worse, my mom had heard me and she took my Nintendo DSi because I was not supposed to get frustrated over video games. After that, I started crying. After a long time, I asked my mom if I can have it back, but she denied me. “Oh, crap,” I thought.

As I waited, I was concerned. The next morning, I was so excited. So I asked mom, but again, she said no. I was concerned again, and this time worse. After a long time, I asked her again, and this time, she did not deny me. I was so overwhelmed with joy. I was shouting with joy, but mom told me not to get too excited.

I was so happy until after I selected my save file, it came back to that frozen screen. Just when I was about to throw another temper tantrum, but I told myself to be strong. just didn’t want it to get taken away again. I tried it again for about three times, but it returned to that stupid frozen screen. Lucky for me though, I still didn’t throw a tantrum. I decided to make a copy of that save file, but I did not think that would work. So sadly, I deleted it. I was going to cry until then, the game froze, but along with a loud tone. I was going to scream, but I still had to be tough.

I went into my room to play it. It was dark, but I didn’t mind.

I reset the DSi, and when I got to the save file selection menu, I was shocked. The empty file where my nearly completed save file was was red instead of green. I selected it.

The intro was not there. Not even the tutorial where you meet Dr. Duke Harold. I started in the Chibi House. To make it more bizarre, the day was XXX. “What the heck is going on?” I said to myself.

Then, I was surprised to see the text that Chet said.

“What the fuck are you doing here, you piece of metallic shit?! Get out!”

When I was looking at it, I was hanging my mouth open. I nearly drooled. I knew that this was an E rated game, and that such language was not supposed to be in E rated games. They are supposed to be in M rated games. This was so weird.

When I stopped looking at that gruesome text, the screen cut outside the Chibi House, and I saw Chibi getting kicked out. The door closed shut.

That moment had broken my heart. Chet was supposed to be Chibi’s helper, not some jerk. Most importantly though, she was my most favorite character in this game. I closed the DSi to think about this, and I cried for a bit.

When I opened the DSi, the Lavender Town theme started playing. I thought to myself, “What is with the unfitting music?” I did not care. Thus, I was very happy that I had a 500 watt battery. I was going to do some work in the park until I noticed another peculiar thing.

My squirter and boom box were gone.

When I discovered this, I went out like, “What?” I had to find them. Though I did have my spoon and clippers. So I looked in the town. The Lavender Town theme was still playing. Pretty much to my surprise there were no people or cars, but I didn’t mind. I was so happy that I had my vehicles, so I made this search shorter, but nearly that short. I looked in every box, but there was nothing. This was so weird, and most importantly, I was thinking that I will never find them. Luckily, I did not check the alley. So I went there.

Before entering the alley, I encountered the same cutscene with the rat before entering the alley for the first time in a save file. When I entered, the Lavender Town theme was still playing. I was pretty sure that my squirter and boom box were here, but I was wrong. I looked in every box and garbage bag in there, but still nothing. So weird isn’t it.

I felt like I will never find them. But I decided to look in Monkey Burger. I encountered the same cutscene with the rate before entering this entrance to Monkey Burger for the first time in a save file.

When I entered Monkey Burger, the Lavender Town theme stopped playing, and there was no music. Nobody was in the restaurant. Not even Kid Kombo. So the entire town was deserted. I looked all around the restaurant for my squirter and boom box, but they weren’t in here as well. Though I knew there was one last place to look. The park.

I was pretty happy that I would find them there, and I hoped that I would. But when I was just about to exit the restaurant, the door closed by itself. “What the?” I said. I decided to take the other way but when I was about to get through, the vent shaft closed by itself as well. I was trapped.

I was wandering around the restaurant until Chibi’s battery was depleted. When it was, Chet did not say anything. I presumed that it was because Chet doesn’t care about Chibi anymore. So instead, there was a cutscene. The rat came up to Chibi’s unconscious body, and pooped on him. There was also a farting sound. The poop was so realistic. When I saw it, I hung my mouth open for a short period of time once again.

I was hoping that I was going to come back to the Chibi House just like every time Chibi’s battery get empty, but I didn’t. Chibi woke up, the way he did in the final battle. He was at Monkey Burger, only different. The walls of the restaurant were torn, and there were blood stains on them, too. There were also big blood puddles on the floor. My heart pounded a bit. There was music, and it was so creepy.

And I noticed something else. Chibi’s plug was gone, and the battery meter was not there. I was pretty happy that I will never run out of charge.

I exited the alley and went into the alley, which changed too. There was fire, and a green gas was coming out of the manhole, which was now opened. I was started to get afraid. When I exited the alley, the street had also changed. The windows were broken, and there were glass shards on the ground next to them. When I saw the TV display, the screens showed nothing but disturbingly had red static as well. And then, I gasped in sorrow. Chet’s neck was broken! I felt so sad. When I walked to her, sad, dramatic music started playing, and she slowly said these texts.

As Chet was saying this, her voice was slow and in a weak tone. I felt like crying when I heard it.


“I am very sorry that I was such a jerk to you…[cough]”

“Not only will you forgive me, but will you grant my final request?”


“Avenge me…[gasp]”

After Chet said this, she died.

I closed the DSi and started crying for a while.

I then went back to playing. When I left the Chibi House, there was a quick cutscene. It started on fire.

“Goodbye, Chet,” I said to myself.

Earlier, before entering the Chibi House, I saw that the park had changed as well. The grass was now black. Now, when I explored it, I saw that the water was now blood, and it was realistic. The soil was red and the sand was now gray. I was beginning to panic. Thus, all the flowers were dead, and they were laying on a puddle of blood.

After pacing around the park for a while, there was a cutscene. There was a rumbling sound, and the sky turned into moving fire, which was realistic. The song in Earthbound where Giygas is fatally wounded started playing shortly. My heart was pounding quickly. And then…

...I saw an alternate version of Chibi. He popped up. He had a shining black metal color, and it had several blood stains on it. Also, he had red eyes.

I was freaking out. When the cutscene unfolded, he chased after me. I tried to use a vehicle, but strangely, I wasn’t able to. So he touched me. When he did, he disappeared, and the music stopped. I couldn’t move Chibi. After a short time, there was a cutscene. Evil Chibi popped up in front of Good Chibi and after a few seconds, there was red static on the top screen and touch screen. It lasted until it was all silent and black.

Then, after another few seconds, an extremely scary image of Evil Chibi’s face, popped up of the top screen, and I heard a loud, bloodcurling scream to go with it.

I couldn’t take it. I screamed.

I immediately ejected the game cartridge out of the DSi and threw it out the window. Then I started suffering from goosebumps. Mom heard my screaming and when she opened the door and turned the light on, I screamed again. I had a talk with her and it was so confusing. I was not in the mood for telling what happened to my game.

For two weeks, I did not touch my Nintendo DSi.