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You're wondering who I am and what these events are, well let me tell you an event of a dark mysterious figure who works for him, Slender Man.

I am an agent, well, I Used to be one untill that day I got involved with the assignment of investigating these strange disappearances. The names Nick Hayes, and If you're wondering why I am telling this well, let's just say I got an unusual assignment from the agency where reports of strange occurrences have been going on involving disappearances and murders of young children, teenagers, and even adults. At first I thought it was a normal assignment right? BOY sadly mistaken. Meanwhile somewhere else in the woods...  The so called monster who was once human but now is immortal, his name is Collin Farrior, and wants nothing but souls for his master Slender Man. Now upon hearing that the FBI Agents who are searching for the people who came to the woods where he preyed the souls.

"So apparently FBI has issued a search & rescue mission. Slender Man will give them a warm and terrifying welcome. Now pets I bet the so called group will take separate paths. Go forth and hunt them down, and kill them All." Said Collin.

Back at the entrance of the woods...

Me & my team members known by Trevor, Susan, Kansas, Elizabeth, and Neil (Who wasn't with us however he was communicating back at the base which is somewhat being part of the team).

We entered the woods and walked along the trail path, everything seemed normal that was until we encountered him... A faceless man with a suit and tie and who also apparently has tentacles coming out of his back. At first we thought the woods was playing tricks on us but he looked real beyond our minds could think of. Then in a split second he teleported somewhere and left a map of some sort. 

"What the hell was that?" Kansas shouted.

"I don't know but some people called it Slender Man." I replyed in a calm voice.

"I thought the Slender Man didn't exist?" Susan said, her voice sounded shakey, almost scared.

"Well you are obviously wrong about that." Colin retorted.

"Lets just keep moving!"

We continued until we reached branching paths that went left,right and straight.

We decided to have two people take the left and two take the right, and I took the straight path. That was a huge mistake.

Susan and Kansas went and found a nearby truck and decided to have a make out session. Again that was a BIG mistake! Then Susan started hearing noises outside the truck and Kansas went and check it out. But what Kansas didn't realize was that the danger was right where the truck was, Then suddenly he heard a loud screaming noise that was coming from the truck. He headed back and founded Susan dead on the forest floor with a bite mark of a deadly scorpion commonly known as the Deathstalker Scorpion. Next to Susan's muddy dead corpse was a note from the scorpion's master... The note stated this:

To whoever finds these notes by each victim,

If you are reading these then you are going to die. The first victim was killed by my Deathstalker Scorpion named Luis. If you think you know what you are going up against, then you are horribly blind 'cause that was the first of the death status I possess... 

Sincerely, Collin Farrior, The Proxy of Death

Kansas headed back into the woods but didn't realize that he was heading into a dark trap.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!" Kansas shouted. In the darkness of the trees,red eyes from a dangerous insect that can instantly kill someone if not cured. When Kansas blindly walks into a huge spider web he feels the drool of some unusual insect. He turned around and saw the monster in the shadows, a giant Black Widow.

"Oh Shit!"

Gunshots fire and then screams occurred which I heard over head then decided to take the short route to the set of trees and saw Kansas being wrapped by the spider's web in a cocoon and bitten in the chest and the spider dragged the corpse of Kansas to the right and the note where the spider fled the scene was there with these words that sounded similar to the variation of the kids song 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' at the end of the 2001 'Eight Legged Freaks' film but with an added twist to the beginning before the actual song starts: 

To Nick,

The Demented Reaper has come to take your soul.

He haunts your life, and brings you to your doom.

When you see his face, then you know you'll be dead.

And the demented reaper has taken your soul again.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up the water spout.

Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.

Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain drops.

And The Isty Bitsy Spider crawled up the spout again.

Sincerely, Collin Farrior, The Proxy of Death

So I headed back and noticed the maniac was now taunting and stalking me as I am being chased by the scorpion and thankfully I survived due to me reading the note that the so called spider whose name was Shade. After running to the other side I discovered that I am seeing weird shit I shouldn't be seeing. Now this made me realize this forest was made to be a game reserve, and the souls that entered this forest were the game. Which now my agency put us into something no one could understand and now we are the game. Then I got word from communication back at the base that Trevor got bit by King Cobra named Kira whose gender was female and Sally was mauled by a fiant black wolf who went by the name Rudy.

"Now its war! Slender Man, where are you?" I shouted into the darkness.

I had to find gasoline for a vehicle I found near by and after being chased by Slender Man, I rode it to the center of the woods, where there was a cave which gave me a clue that Collin Farrior was there waiting for me.

I entered the cave and then was attacked by Collin Farrior right after I saw the most gruesome sight ever known by man. The corpses of the missing people. Yet the note before I got here stated this: Prepare to Dance with Death.

I dodged his attack and said, "You sick bastard! Who the hell are you?

"I am Collin Farrior The Proxy of Death aka The Horseman of Death... Leader of the four horsemen Which are known as Kate, Nemesis, Nightlock and yours truly. You have probably never heard of us through the Chad Sanders Incident now have you?"

"No But you Are Going to Pay! I'll never forgive you for killing my squad!"

Collin laughed evilly "So You Are ready to be sent to the Abyss?"

"I was born ready you motherfucker!"

"You have gone senile, prepare for your death!" Collin summons his deathsythe before my eyes.

We Clashed 'till half way through right when I was going to get served with the killing blow, Trevor somehow having survived the cobra's venom saved me and told me to get out of the woods as quickly as possible. Knowing this is officially the last time I saw Trevor as he fought Collin I drove the bike out of there as quickly as possible. Halfway through the woods I heard a loud explosion noise knowing that the forest would soon catch on fire. I quickly returned to HQ and told them about that nightmare. 

To this day I am still haunted by the assignment of death which then I left the agency and tried forgetting the genocide. But a year later I got the newspaper from my footstep one morning, and saw the figures in the front cover whom I was dreading to see. There on the front cover were the horrible faces of Collin Farrior and Slender Man. Just Staring at me. Knowing this day I'm going to be tormented by those beings for the rest of my life. My only way out was to go into hiding. As For Me, well Collin Farrior & Slender Man, I'm still running. You'll Never have my soul nor will I ever allow you to find me.

As Nick Flees His Life He doesn't realize the dark reality is behind him but soon Nick Hayes will fear his reality when it crushes on him...

On the tv of the house Nick Left behind static starts appearing, Then some words in blood red text starts appearing on the tv: 

Can you feel reality rushing in? Can you feel reality's crush again? You want a part of me? How 'bout the part of me that doesn't give a shit You want a part of me? You're not the only one this time.

After those words appeared Collin's face appeared with the death demented grin shouting the same words on the TV knowing that Collin will come for you if you don't find ways to outrun The Proxy Of Death.

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