Corrupted/Phantom Mario image

The closest version to the official screenshot

This bootlegged beta of MASATOG (Mario and Sonic: at the Olympic Games) could be in your retail disk case of this game. When the game was developed by Nintendo and Sega, an anonymous employee of Nintendo found the beta, which was haunted by a demonic spirit/mysterious virus.

All of the events were the same, but it had hyper-realistic graphics and violence with three trophies, acomplised for... I can't say it . He was enraged at this, and put the disk in a random case before sending it off to a random Gamestop store. He was fired the next day randomly after the beta was found to be removed from the development archives, since they couldn't figure out who taken it.

According to the employee, the beta was so corrupted that every time he tried to take a screenshot, the photo would develop as either pure static or symbols of very innapropriate origin. He also described the music as "A combination of 'hillact1.gym' with ear-piercing screeching and demonic sounds**".

(**Note: he was using the term metaphorically; it SOUNDED like it)

In addition, there were characters that didn't appear in the retail version, like Silver the Hedgehog and Wario. The employee went missing two days after he was fired, never to be seen again. Who knows who may have the beta in their case of MASATOG? Was it a failed subliminal message experiment, like Polybius? Or was it a top secret surprise-video-gamers attempt to make video game characters living, organic beings, but a dark entity messed it up?

It looks exactly like the retail version, but there is extremely colossal amounts of blood, gore, swearing, and demonic music. If you try to mention the beta to either Nintendo or Sega, they will deny it's very existence.

Contact me at if you found the beta and if you can, mail the disk.

NO HACKING OR MODING A RETAIL COPY, or I will send a "you faked it" message back to you.

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