It was a peaceful day in the meadows of England. A mansion had towered over the whole city, filling the beauty with it. A sun had gased over the sky, and white plush clouds, flying over the horizon. And the king and queen were waiting for their arrival of a little baby girl. Suddenly, a huge storm swam over the whole area, allowing thunder to go with it. And the bad part was, they had left the windows open, allowing the storm to come in. Then a gigantic lightning bolt hit the top of the Queen's head parralising her whole body.  
Untitled drawing by foxyloxykrabbe-d7uutsb

         She had died shortly after it struck her head. All their relatives were waiting for the moment to come. The tears ran down their faces, dropping down to the ground. But they heard a screech like sound, coming from the deathbed. A buetifal healthy baby girl had been crying under the bed sheets. The king picked her up, and hugged her, as if, he was hugging his queen. Tears ran down his face, of joy that she was alive, and then gave her a proper name, Daisabelle. he gave her a black and white baby rag doll, and it had a smile on it's face, a smile that almost looked demonic, suddenly, Daisabelle screamed, not in a happy way, but, a scream, that seemed as if she had gotten hurt.Edit

         Shortly after she was fine with it, and slept with it in her tiny crib. 9 years later, Daisabelle had gotten taller, had short, blonde hair, sky blue eyes, now was 1o at the time, and she always kept a daisy in her hair for decoration. that night, she was sleeping peacefully in her bed, but she had grown out of sleeping with the ragdoll. Then suddenly she heard a loud scream, coming from the king's room. She quickly ran, and there, she saw, her father, the king, slottered, on his bed, dead. His stomach had been cut, his hands and feet had been bit to the point of falling off, and his left eye, cut out. Daisabelle didn't shed a tear, but simply walked away.Edit

         There she went back off to bed, and couldn't sleep. She felt as if, she was being watched. Then in a single second, the door to her room was opening very slightly, then, the ragdoll she had gotten as a child, was alive. She followed it, and she then saw a mirror.  the mirror then suddenly cracked, and hit her right eye. she screamed, and started crying in pain, then fell to the ground. When she woke up, she saw a skeleton of her father, and, she could not see out of her right eye. The mirror was now not cracked. she looked at it , and saw herself. Her right eye had been taken out. And the skeleton of her father had been laying on the ground. She picked the skull up, and sung the lullaby she was givin when she was little. The buetiful face of any child, is very precias and never trialed, every face is buetiful, until it gets ruined......Edit

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