Follow the sign directing towards darkness
Through the emptiness of the forest
What awaits me is a braintwister
This will be a major test...

I arrive in the yellow fog of the Lost Woods
What surrounds me is truly weird
Four identical tunnels leading away
Something which many have feared...

Stepped and peered through every hole
Light or darkness will welcome me
One little mistake could prove dangerous
Careful must I be...

Strolling deeper within the woods
More common the creatures appear
Out jumps a black Wolfos
Howling through my ear...

The beast charges right towards me
I hastily slip out my sword
Slam it with my Hylian shield
And slash until it's floored...

Out into a clearing
And metal bars sink below
The further I delve into the forest
The bigger the danger it shows...

Corridors to my left and right
Each guarded by brawny Moblins
Left with a tricky decision
I work my way in...

To the left I choose
Towards a blind bend
I am welcomed by a Moblin
Guarding a dead end...

Quickly escape its sight
To the other side I go
I'm greeted by a corner
But little did I know...

A wooden ladder faces me
I climb up carelessly
But what I had achieved
Was a maze made much more easy...

I climb the opposing stairs
Towards the emptiness of a clearing
Despite returning here since I was a child
There was nothing that I was hearing...

I approach the top of the slope
I was expecting Saria
But upon closer examination
There was no-one in the area...

A great structure loomed above me
As I played Saria's song
Her helpless voice replied
"I've been waiting for so long..."

"With courage, please save me Link"
"For I am trapped in the temple above"
"But please don't take your time"
"Because we must save the forest I love..."

I was filled with motivation
Before I aimed towards the dead tree
Hookshot to a higher ground
Now it's the Forest Temple between Saria and me...

Forest temple

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