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About Demo ReelEdit

Demo Reel was a show created and written by the Walker Bros., Doug and Rob Walker. It was panned by audiences, only a specific few actually enjoyed the show. 

This show was a stand-in for the Nostalgia Critic. 

The EpisodeEdit

I had received the episode by an anonymous fan of the NC by EMail. I don't want to announce his EMail for numerous reasons, so let's just call him....Nick. The video was a torrent .AVI file. I downloaded the torrent, got some snacks ready, and relaxed. 

This episode started with a frame that popped up for a split second, but I'll get into what that frame was once more later. It started off with Rachel, Malcolm, and Doug all gathered in a room, in their usual conference table. They were all looking down at the table, grim-like. Their expressions seemed to be a mixture of Angry, Depressed, and Traumatized. Doug broke the grim silence, "We...Cannot let whatever that...THING was get into our video. We just can't." at this point, I was puzzled. 5 minutes in.

Rachel came back with what was almost a cry or shout of anguish and despair. "Donnie....I don't know how we can edit that thing out of the episode. It's face al-- It's face almost took up the entire frame of the camera." Rachel sobbed during the exposition of the "THING"'s face. After 3 minutes of another round of grim silence, Malcolm suggested that "We cancel the show. If we do more episodes, this thing will find a way to get into our tapes." I was disturbed at this point. Starting to want to shut down my computer altogether. 8 Minutes in, no sign of Karl or Quinn. Just pure silence. I knew what was to come.

"If we cancel this show, we can't go back at all. No more anything anymore. We seriously HAVE to find a way to get this god damn thing out of our tapes AND our lives." I realized that this wasn't an actual episode, this was a real conversation between Malcolm, Rachel, and Doug. It was chilling. Just as I was about to shut my entire computer down, the so-called "CLIMAX" happened. I heard a loud fucking roar. I could swear it was the impact of the Moon hitting the earth's atmosphere if I wasn't paying attention.

The camera went all "Found Footage" on us. The room was dark, it was pitch black. "GET TO THE EXIT! HURRY UP!" Doug called out as he frantically sobbed and ran for dear life. Malcolm and Rachel were at the exit. It was too late. Doug looked up in astonishment and horridness, for it was the Nostalgia Critic himself before him. The only thing was....This wasn't the Nostalgia Critic.

It's eyes were glowing, as if it was a vampire in Night Vision. It's mouth stretched to its scalp, making a smile. It's teeth were....Sharp and matted with blood. The eyes on this fucking thing were caved into its skull, leaving very small pencil mark sized eyes revealed. It's body stretched out in a grotesque manner, it's legs were broken backwards, and it grew wings out of its fucking temples. That was the frame that appeared for a split second as mentioned at the beginning. 

This thing attacked Doug to the point of where he was left to die. Rachel got caught by the thing and pulled into the pitch black studio while letting out a blood curdling scream. Blood splattered all over Malcolm, as he was the only one to survive. The footage ended on a cooing funeral song, with pictures of Doug and Rachel captioned: 

DOUG WALKER (1981-2013) 


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