I had just started to play a run on Pokémon Red again. It was a run where my Pokémon’s names where parts of Creepypastas (Yes, I am a fan of them, too).
Pokemon red box ja

That’s when my trouble started.

When I checked my Pokémon’s stats after playing about 5 hours into the game, it showed that my Pokémon were fainted, except for one.

My Raticate.

I was completely weirded out by this point. Why where my Pokémon fainted? I hadn’t battled recently. I recently went to the Pokémon Center. I went back inside the building I came out of: the PokéMart.

Go backwards in time a bit, to the point where I was shopping for healing items. I had bought a couple Super Potions, and sold my nugget from Nugget Bridge (I was still in Cerulean City).

Back to the present. I heard a faint cry come out of the speakers. That was odd, because I had the sound off. I checked my Pokémon.

My Raticate’s name was Descend.

“What the f***?!” I muttered. I named it BLUE, not Descend! What kind of name was that?

Apparently, the game sensed my thoughts. I said, “DESCEND is angry with you! DESCEND summoned GHOST!” That line about Ghost, my Charmeleon, bothered me, for a good reason, too.

My Charmeleon had revived on its own.

“Holy s***,” I thought. “How did it do THAT?!” I was really freaking out. Then, Descend’s sprite changed.

It turned from a normal sprite to one that was greenish-gray with dark red splotches on its coat. The rest of it was white. I figured that the dark red was blood, but whose? That’s what creeped me out the most.

Suddenly, a loud screeching noise came out of the game. I tried to turn it off by switching the Off/On button to “off”, but it wouldn’t work. “Damn! Why won’t it stop?!” I thought.

It did as soon as I thought that.

“Thank God…” I muttered. A wave of tiredness swept over me. I climbed into my bed, as I was in my room. I quickly fell asleep, not knowing what lay ahead.

I woke up in a strange, stone room. the floor looked like there was blood on it, and I was afraid of what was happening. I looked around, seeing no door, no window, no way to possibly escape. “What the hell is going on?!” I shouted. Surprisingly, a voice responded to me.

“You are being transported to your execution room.”

“WHAAAT?!” I screeched.

“We are arriving soon. Your executioners are waiting.”

I then turned around. Next to me, a greenish-gray Raticate was sitting. “Wh-Who are you?” I asked it.

“I am Descend.”

“Are you getting executed, too?”

“No, I’m afraid not.”

“What do you-“

“We are here. Good luck…” A door opened in the wall, which I walked through.

“Here goes nothing…” I said to myself.

There, before me, holding a sword, was my Charmeleon.


He held up the sword, and brought it down, through my neck.

The last words I heard before I died where:

“Good bye, Alex. See you in Hell.”

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