Author's note: May contain Spoilers for Black and White. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

"Zekrom! Dragon Claw!" I ordered

The opposing Kingdra was flung against the far wall, quickly fainting. I retrieved Zekrom, and walked over to the wall to heal the Kingdra with my Revive and Hyper Potion. The sea dragon got up, and the Gym Leader retrieved it.

"Thank you." The man said, "You are the first trainer who's ever done that. I am delighted to give you the Rain Badge."

"You're welcome." I replied. "Seeya." I turned away to leave the gym, heal my team, restock, and continue my search.

"Wait! What's your name?" The gym leader asked before I walked out the door.

"My name is Black" I said. "And before I leave, have you seen a guy with a white dragon Pokemon, green hair, and talks REALLY fast?"

"Sorry, no."

I left the gym.

If you're wondering, my name is Black, and I am a Trainer from the Unova Region. I am the owner of the title of the strongest trainer in Unova, and the owner of the legendary Pokémon Zekrom. I came here to find a man named N, who disappeared after the great battle with Team Plasma. He was their "leader", but he, along with all of Team Plasma, was tricked by their real, evil leader, Ghetsis.

He was also the owner of the legendary dragon Reshiram, the spiritual and mortal counterpart to my legendary dragon, Zekrom.

I came to Hoenn because I was informed that N had been spotted on a faraway land. I did some research, and I found out that in ancient legends two legendary Pokémon known as Groudon and Kyogre fought in a battle that shaped the planet, with one trying to expand the land and the other the sea. This conflict mirrored the battle between are legendary Pokémon, so I decided to check here first.

After healing my team (as any trainer should), I called Zekrom out from its shiny Master Ball. The Yang Dragon let me on his back, and we flew away from Sootopolis City.

Zekrom is really fast, but after a while I decided to let my friend rest. We landed on an island, and I decided to camp there for the night. I called out the other members of my team: Emboar, Krookodile, Carracosta, Unfezant, Haxorus, and of course, Zekrom.

Every pitched in, including me. Krookodile dug a pit for the fire. Carrcosta got water, Unfezent patrolled the island for any other trainers, Haxorus chopped down trees, Emboar started a campfire and Zekrom got some trees and large rocks to build a shelter.

After we all ate, we fell asleep.

I looked around. I was in N's Castle. I instantly thought this was dream, but it seemed a bit real for a dream. I walked down to the room where the Seven Sages attacked me. As expected, I was confronted by Gorm, Bronius, Rood, Zinzolin, Giallo, and Ryoku.

I checked my Pokeballs. Five. Oh well. I watched as Unova's seven gym leaders, plus Drayden, but without Cress, Cilan and Chili, arrived. Just like last time.

"Am I glad to see you!" I said.

Both the sages and gym leaders said the EXACT same things they said when this happened in real life. Perfectly reasonable, except that I didn't remember the lines this well myself.

I went through every room in N's Castle, including N's Room. I eventually got to the room where my climatic battle with N took place. It was very lifelike. But I pushed that to the back of my mind.

N was waiting for me. I walked up to the throne. He said the same thing he said before, right down the wire. Reshiram came crashing right through wall and burned all the water the same way as last time. Then I felt the shaking in my bag. I watched as the Dark Stone came out of my bag, and started drawing in the aura from all around, and became Zekrom.

N said exactly the same thing again, talking really fast like normal. He told me to make Zekrom my friend and my ally. I took my Master Ball, got ready to throw it, and...

An Ultra Ball hit Zekrom before I had a chance...

I was hopelessly watching in horror as the ball rocked once, twice, three times and then clicked.

"" Those were I and N's exact words as we turned to see the Ultra Ball return to Ghetsis.

"FATHER! What have you done!"

N was apparently as shocked as I was.

"This was all part of my plan. I waited for Reshiram to recognize you as a hero, and when Zekrom appeared, I captured it. Now Unova shall bow down to Team Plasma!"

"No," N said. This time his words were slow and dark. "The Legendary Tao Dragons were supposed to battle. They are not supposed to be allies. They must battle. Please Father, release Zekrom.

Ghetsis then showed the jerkiness he was famous for.

"Are you kidding me boy!? The dragons of Unova are ours! Why do you say such things!?"

As Ghetsis said that, I saw Reshirams eyes glow, and watched as it used Extrasensory to destroy Zekrom's Pokeball, releasing the dragon that was its enemy.

"Reshiram, what are you doing?"

The elegant dragon roared ferally, and then aimed its signature attack, Fusion Flare, at N. I reached for my Pokeballs, but I was to late.

N, a noble trainer, was engulfed in the deadly flames of his once-friend, Reshiram.

"WHAT THE ****" a voice said from behind.

I looked back to see, Cheren, Alder and White behind me. They had all seen this unfolding. Zekrom then used Dragon Claw to throw Ghetsis into a pillar. The Yang dragon turned to Reshiram, and roared. The two started dealing blow after blow to each other.

It occurred to me that this wasn't a dream, as it was all too real. I then saw that behind Reshiram, N was still alive, but he was looming over the charred bodies of a Carracosta, an Archeops, a Vanilluxe and a Klinklang. Next to him was his Zoroark, still breathing, but visibly injured.

Ghetisis was still alive, but he was coughing up blood.

"Haxorus! Save N! Emboar! Save Ghetsis!" I sent my now 2 most trusted Pokémon to save my former enemies. Dodging Fire and Lightning, they saved the lives of the Harmonias.

I turned to Cheren, Alder and White. "LET'S GO!" I said.

Just then a colliding attack between the 2 dragons turned the air into plasma behind me, creating a great flash of light......

I was knocked down. I saw that White and Cheren had gotten knocked down. I had Emboar pick up both of them. Alder had sent out his entire team of six.

"Aren't you going to stay and fight?" He asked.

"I would if I thought we could win." I said. "You'll only throw you're own life away Alder. I hope you listen to me."

"This isn't you, Black." He was about to say something else, but he couldn't ignore the battle any longer. As I ran from the room, I saw as an explosion of energy engulfed Alder and his whole team.

I knew I couldn't win. The only solution would be to wait till they ran out of power.

The seven gym leaders and Drayden were running up the stairs, but I told them that it was hopeless, as Alder had failed himself.

"We know why may very well die, but we must protect Unova." Drayden said to me. I had to get everyone I could out, so I had no time to argue.

As I escaped N's Castle, I and my Pokémon were knocked down by an explosion. N's Castle was blasted open by the resulting energies building up inside, releasing the heat and electricity into the atmosphere.

The sky quickly grew dark and clouds started to discharge lightning, scorching everything in sight. I managed to go down the slope of Victory Road.

As I got to the south part of Route 10, I decided to move toward Lacunosa Town instead of Opelucid. I couldn't bear to watch the destruction. The chaotic spread of heat and lightning was calmer, but it would spread, rest assured.

"Black......what's going on?

It was Cheren. He was awake.

"Cheren." I was regretting having to say this, "Reshiram and Zekrom went berserk and attacked each other, and now the energy given off by their battle is destroying Unova.

"This is my fault." I heard another voice say. It was last thing I expected to hear out of the mouth of the voices owner.


"It' fault." Ghetsis said.

Ghetsis had my, Cheren's, and the now conscious N and White's attention.

"N, I lied to you. Team Plasma's real motives were to make it so I was the only person in Unova with Pokemon so I could dominate the region."

Although I could already knew this, everyone else was pretty shocked.

Especially Poor N.

"N, even as the world goes to hell, I want you to know I really thought of you as my own son." Ghetsis said, with a voice of deep regret. No one spoke for what seemed like hours, although my Xtransceiver said it was only a few minutes.

N finally spoke up. "Father, I forgive you. If you are truly sorry, the only thing we can do is help Unova rebuild when this is all over. We still have a some Pokemon left, and if the entire world manages to survive, all we can do is help it rebuild.

White then stole the words right out of my (and apparently Cheren's) mouth. "What do you mean if the WORLD survives?"

N got a grim look on his face. "When Reshiram's tail generator starts up, heat energy moves through the atmosphere, changing the world's weather patterns. When Zekrom generates electricity, that energy creates changes in the world's weather patterns as well. It is said that both can scorch the world with their respective elements. In the Unova legend, neither could defeat each other, so they would battle endlessly. If the entire world isn't destroyed, then we are very lucky.

I, Ghetsis, Cheren, White, and all our Pokemon suddenly became very worried.

"Then.....what do we do until they stop fighting?" White asked.

"We attempt to survive." N said.

"We should find a cave, preferably Mistralton Cave or Wellspring Cave." Cheren added.

Ghetsis was silent. As me, N and Cheren discussed plans, White interrupted with a shocking statement.

"Guys, I can't see anything......." She said with a whimper. "That blast of plasma blinded me."

I went over to her. "If you let your eyes heal, maybe your sight will return." I said.

Just then a bolt of lightning struck a tree next to us, causing a fire that quickly engulfed the poor tree.

"We should move west" Ghetsis said, "To Opelucid City. Chances are, the destruction hasn't spread there yet."

I decided that that was for the best. What a mistake. The destruction had spread to Opelucid City. The destruction had turned the city into a mass of flames. Me and Cheren called out our water types to douse the city. Cheren's Samurott and my Carracosta had made quick work of the flames. As Cheren called up Bianca on his Xtranciever, I heard Ghetsis make an unusual comment:

"The fact that the city was made of metal must have made it a natural lightningrod."

What? But Opelucid was made of stone and other nonmetals! Impossible! I shrugged it off, because survivors were the only thing that mattered.

With the combined help of my Unfezent and N's Zoroark, we searched the city in mere minutes. Everyone had either escaped, or died. But still, I was bothered by the fact that I saw shards of fused glass and metal everywhere. I started to become very nervous, because like I said earlier:

Opelucid City isn't made of metal.

"Alright, good news and bad news" Cheren said. "Good news is, that the city was evacuated almost entirely, and Bianca's alright."

"What's the bad news?" I asked.

"The destruction has spread to Undella Town" Cheren said. "The surf is too dangerous due to heat movements and officials say that hurricanes at as high as category 4 are possible. Bianca also said that the Striaton City Gym Leaders are going to help. "

"They'll be killed" I said. "And at the rate that the destruction's spreading, it will make Twist Mountain impassable in a matter of hours. "We need to detour to Undella ASAP"

We all had some form of aerial transport, or at least enough to carry everybody. My Unfezent, Cheren's Unfezent, and Ghetsis' Hydregion were enough to get us passed Twist mountain. We were forced to land when we saw a crap-ton of lightning.

The ground wasn't much better. We were met with unusual winds. I this was a lot of wind.

"This.....can't be part of the distortion" Ghetsis said. "This is way too violent. The battle must be getting much worse much faster."

I then realized. I checked my C-Gear. It was 4:32! That could only mean...

"Oh God!" Ghetsis screamed. We all turned over to see what I thought would be Thunderus. But what I saw was green with a swirling tail on its back.

"Tornadus" N said.

Static raged through my head for a brief moment, then was replaced by wondering why all this was feeling wrong. I was chasing Thunderus before I left Unova, not Tornadus. Then another idea popped into my head.

"Guys! Let's try and catch it!" I said.

"Are you freakin' crazy!? How can you think of catching a Pokemon at a time like this?" White yelled, currently in my Emboar's arms.

"Trust me!" I said. I sent out my Krookodile, and ordered Stone Edge. The attack hit, but after wards Tornadus ran away, bringing (the blunt of) the storm with it.

"Black, what was that about?" N asked.

"I have an idea" I said. "Thunderus and Tornadus control the weather, right?"

"Yeah," N replied.

"So, maybe if we catch both of them, we can reverse the weather damage." I said with a smirk.

"Brilliant" Ghetsis said.

"That could work." Cheren said.

We then realized that the it was getting hotter even faster now. We ran towards Mistralton City, seeing the House of the same lady who told me of Thunderus burning. We but out the fire, but there were no survivors.

We passed by Celestial Tower, which was sadly torn open from the top by the vicious lightning. Then came the scary part.

As the heat was now too intense and the air was too dry to hold water, the clouds in the sky broke apart in minutes. N sadly said that he could only hear the screams of suffering Pokémon. White said that her not only was her sight barely returning, but she smelled smoke.

"Oh $***!!!!" I heard Cheren yell.

To all of our horror, we saw that the tall grass of the route was on FIRE. We decided that getting to Mistralton City ASAP was first priority! I, Cheren, and Ghetsis called out our Water types, but the harsh sunlight and deathly heat nullified the water. We decided to soak ourselves and get going. The flames spread to the few trees and normal grass left standing, creating a barrier that trapped us in.

"Crap! Were screwed!" I said

"Go! Hydreigon and Seismitoad!" Ghetsis yelled, releasing said Pokémon from his Pokeballs. He wasn't going to give up here. He ordered Seismetoad to use Rain Dance and Hydreigon to use Surf. The combination was just strong enough to create a hole in the flames.

"Move it!" I yelled. The group of five humans and 3 Pokémon raced through the flames as fast as our legs could move.

Mistralton City was not a pretty sight. The rain falling felt like a bunch of rocks. We were lucky to make it to the Pokémon Center with any sanity or feeling in our legs left.

Inside the Pokémon Center was not so nice either. Probably half the trainers in the city were crammed inside the Pokémon Center, half with severe burns on themselves, half with destroyed clothes, and all with injured Pokémon. can likely imagine what came next.

"It's Ghetsis from Team Plasma!" Someone cried out.

Everyone took a step back. They did not want to lose their Pokémon, especially in this. I had to think of a way out. It seemed very bad until N spoke out.

"Trainers! You and your Pokemon are all scared. You have perfect reason for it. Ghetsis may be the leader of Team Plasma, but in a time were everything is at stake, we all must stick together as trainers. We all share one thing in common: Our love for Pokemon. That is why now is not the time to judge people for their actions, but to stand as one against this disaster!"

That was beautiful. Just beautiful. All the trainers carried on as normal.

"Thank you, N" Ghetsis said.

"Your welcome, Father." N replied.

As our teams were healed, we set up a plan. N and Ghetsis would go after Tornadus, and me and Cheren would pursue Thunderus. White would stay here until Bianca arrived. As we departed, I sat down with White. We would all meet at Nimbasa City eventually.

"Is your sight returning?" I asked.

"Yes, I can see a few feet in front of me." She replied.

"Well, I hope your sight recovers." I said before getting up.

"Wait" she yelled. "Don't get killed! Promise me.!"

"I don't make promises I can't keep." I said. "But I'll try."

Cheren and I were now on a wild goose chase for a Pokemon that we might not even find. We booted up our Xtransceivers, and waited for accounts of severe lightning near Mistralton City.

Several times we encountered Tornadus, but we only managed to weaken it over time. Eventually, Tornadus was too far north for us to chase, so I suggested we move south and wait for tomorrow.

As for N and Ghetsis, they had similar luck, chasing Thunderus very far north before stopping. We also noticed that the destruction was getting worse, as we heard that Undella Bay had dried up, and Lostlorn Forest was now no more than a pile of ashes.

"Alright, were at Narcrene City" Cheren said. "So we just wait 'till morning?"

"Exactly" I said

Just then, a radio broadcast came out.

"We have just received word that Black City has been engulfed in a raging firestorm, and with most civilians trapped within their buildings, this situation looks very grim."

Wait. Black City? I've never heard of Black City! I checked my Town Map, and saw that Black City was located at the same place White Forest was.

Now I knew something was wrong. This was not my world. Everything was more urban, more technologically advanced. This world was wrong from the start, and now was cursed to die in fire and lightning.

I probably fainted, because the next thing I remember was Cheren trying to wake me up.

"It's here."

Outside was a vicious thunderstorm. Through the rain, I saw Thunderus. At the sight of it, I threw Krookodile's Pokeball, and ordered Stone Edge, getting a critical hit. Cheren sent out Liepard and used Fake Out, stunning Thunderus before it could run.

"Black! Now!"

I threw the Ultra ball, and watched as it clicked once, then twice and then a third time. That was the longest 3 seconds of my life so far.


"You caught it." Cheren said, just as shocked as me.

Hopefully N and Ghetsis had that luck too.

Getting to Nimbasa was hell. Pinwheel Forest was on FIRE. Skyarrow Bridge looked as someone splashed acid on it. Route 4's Sandstorm wasn't at all bad. That was because it was replaced by a GLASS STORM! If it wasn't for me and Cheren's Unfezents we would have ended us like every other person and Pokémon we encountered:

All cut to ribbons, all lying in pools of blood, and all dead.

When we reached Nimbasa, we found N and Ghetsis by chance. They had caught Tornadus.

"He is surprisingly calm for a Pokemon I just caught." N said.

"Alright" I said. "Let's just hope we can still get to N's Castle"

As Cheren called Bianca on his Xtransceiver, N suggested something to me.

"Maybe we should go find Landorus"

"You mean the third Kami?" I replied.

"Yes." N said. "If we have Landorus, we won't have to worry about Thunderus and Tornadus disobeying. We have to head to the Abundant Shrine."

While heading for Route 16, me and N used Thunderus and Tornadus to shield us from the horrible storm. We were alright until we got to Marvelous Bridge, or what USED to be Marvelous Bridge. It looked even worse than the poor Skyarrow Bridge, and the water below was nonexistent. I swear I saw the mud boiling.

After making it across the twisted landscape, we got to the shrine Landorus was at. It appeared and we got ready to battle it.

"Go! Seismitoad!" Ghetsis said.

"Stand back," N said, "Let my dad handle this."

I watched as my former greatest enemy beat up Landorus with continuous Surf attacks. Ghetsis was a very skilled trainer, despite me having beaten him easily.

Landorus then knocked out Seismitoad with his Fissure attack. Ghetsis took the advantage and threw an Ultra Ball.

It clicked once, then twice, then one more time.


"Dad, you caught it!" N said.

Now we had all three members of the Kami Trio. There was still hope.

Getting to Milstralton City was not too bad. We were in high hopes. We made it to Milstralton City, happy to see it still standing. We got to the Pokémon Center and.....


Poor Cheren was nearly killed that very moment by Bianca's deadly hug. I heard his back crack and his gasp for air. He, despite all sane reactions, looked happy.

"Glad to see you too Bianca" Cheren said.

"Where's White?" I asked.

"You look happy" I heard.

I looked over to see a fully active White. She obviously recovered from her injury. I was happy to see that.

Now, the 6 of us made our plan. We had to get to N's Castle, and use the Kami Trio to hold back the Destruction of Zekrom and Reshiram's battle. Then, we would find a way inside the barrier, and attempt to knock out the dragons.

I may have doomed all of my friends.

Getting to N's Castle would be tough, even with the Kami Trio protecting us. But we made it as far as Victory Road before the Kami's started to tire. We had to continuously heal them with are Items.

We got to N's Castle, and we immediately saw a difference than with everything else. The lightning bolts were making seeing more than 30 meters impossible. The AIR ahead was on Fire. I, Ghetsis, and N commanded are respective legendary Pokémon to form a wall using their powers.

"I hope all the way to hell this works." I said

Landorus was first. He put a wall of power in front of us. The air was significantly colder, and the lightning was no longer scorching everything.

Thunderus went the left, and did the same, and Tornadus did so also with the right side.

"Listen, Bianca, White, N. Stay here and control the Kami's. Cheren, Ghetsis and I will attack Reshiram and Zekrom." I said.

"Wait." N said. "Take this" He gave me Zoroark's Pokeball. "Go save Unova."

With my team of six, we swiftly made it through the ruined walls of N's Castle. It wasn't nearly as dangerous as we expected, but we were nearly struck by a blast of fire or lightning several times.

We made it to the throne room. The Battle was actually slowing down. The two dragons were fatigued, but they were still striking each other.

"Our whole teams. All at once." I whispered

We did just that. Emboar, Unfezent, Krookodile, Carracosta, Haxorus, Zoroark, Hydreigon, Cofagrigus, Bouffalant, Seismitoad, Bisharp, Eelektross, Samurott, Simisear, Unfezent and Liepard. They all came out. It all happened so fast. They launched their strongest attacks, mine at Zekrom, Ghetsis' at Reshiram, and Cheren divided his attacks in half.

The two dragons were engulfed in the resulting explosion. We thought it was over. As the smoke cleared, we saw that both dragons had fallen.

"We did it!" I said. "We actually did it."

I was a fool.

In a burst of power, the Yin Yang Dragons got up, and launched their most powerful attacks at each other: Blue Flare from Reshiram and Bolt Strike from Zekrom. The resulting explosion tore apart the castle completely. Before losing consciousness, I saw my team, along with Zoroark shield me, as Cheren and Ghetsis were flung back, and the Kami Trio was blown away as the blast tore through the barrier.

So this was it. I had failed the world. Everyone would die, and I would never rest in peace.

This was it............

"Alright everybody." White said. "Professor Juniper told me to give you these.

"Hey, are those are Pokemon?" I said.

"Righto" White said.

"YAY!" Bianca squealed

"I think you should pick first Black" Cheren said.

"I'll choose Tepig" I said.

"Wake up............wake up........Wake Up..........WAKE UP!"

My eyes opened to see a field of white, and then saw my team, and N staring worryingly at me.

"What happened?" I asked

"We lost. They're all dead..... Even the Kami Trio was killed. This is all that's left of Unova."

My eyes adjusted to see that the field of white was actually a field of ashes, stretching as far as the eye could see in every direction. Then, there was everything around it. Shards of broken metal, scorched bodies, shards of glass, charred wood.

I tried to scream, but couldn't. I couldn't comprehend what I was seeing.

"I'm dead also." N said, as his body pixelized and became his Zoroark, then transformed back. "But there is still hope. The girl you called Iris gave me this." Zoroark held out a triangle with a hole on the center. "She said they're called the DNA Splicers"

"She said that if you go to the Giant Chasm, the third Legendary Dragon will be there. She called it Kyurem, and she said it was supposedly the corpse of the original dragon"

"Corpse?" I said, just shocked. "What did she mean?"

"I don't know. "She died after saying that last sentence." With that, the Zoroark changed back to its original form.

With that, I started my long trek towards Giant Chasm. There was nothing in my way but ashes and debris. The area I was in was only definable by the indicator on my electronic Town Map. Despite what time it was, there was always an artificial 'sun' in the sky. It was horrible. I couldn't sleep; it was blazing hot, it was hard to breathe, and I would constantly cut myself on the shards of broken rock and Pokeball. When I finally made it to Giant Chasm, I was more dead than alive.

But what I saw nearly gave me the last push needed to kill me.

The area known as Giant Chasm was UNTOUCHED! Like nothing had happened! It looked like a McDonald's in the middle of a jungle. I was more furious than surprised.

With the last hope for humanity on my shoulders, I entered the crater, and rampaged my way through the forest.

I counted. Over 64 Pokémon were knocked unconscious by my team. I gave no mercy to whatever came in my way. I failed to realize that I didn't even know what I was supposed to be doing. I eventually made it to a small pond. The water was crystal clear.

I remembered. I was parched. I approached the lake, about to get some water for my team before:


EVERYTHING froze over. I was immediately standing atop a pile of snow spanning the entire Chasm. I went in the direction of where I heard the noise.

I made it to a cave. What I saw inside scared me, to put it in enough words to explain it and not take over 10 days. I was face to face with what looked to be a cross between a dragon and a dinosaur. It was shriveled in some places, and it was covered in Ice.

I then thought of both Reshiram and Zekrom. I could see it to an extent, but this looked like a mix of the two dragons.


I had almost forgot I had that damned thing. It captured Kyurem in an instant. I retrieved its Pokeball.

"Come on out everybody." I released the rest of my team from their Pokeballs.

"Stay here." I said. "I will come back if I make it." I said, holding back tears. They were all worried. "If I don't come back, go on without me."

I released Kyurem from ts Pokeball. It looked at me angrily.

"I'll set you free when you stop Reshiram and Zekrom" I said "But until then, you have to help. This Pokeball makes that certain."

Kyurem actually listened to me. We flew out of Giant Chasm, and to the site of N's Castle. As it was, it seemed like a world of hell had flown and destroyed the area. The two dragons were bloodied to the point were one would wonder if they were still alive.


Kyurem responded by flash-freezing everything around us. The ice even put a layer of frost on Reshiram and Zekrom.

The Yin Yang Dragons looked angrily at Kyurem, ignoring each other. What about Kyurem would be so intimidating that the warring dragons, who fought for days on end, to stop fighting.

The DNA Splicers came out of my Bag. Kyurem saw them. They came into my hand, and glowed. The ice on Kyurem's wings shattered, and two purple tendrils shot at both Zekrom and Reshiram.

The life seemed to drain from each of the two dragons, as the tendrils constricted them and turned them into their respective stones.

Kyurems yellow eyes looked at me as to ask: "Which one?"

Which one what? What had Kyurem done to Reshiram and Zekrom? I soon found out.

Kyurem drew the two stones into its body. The tail generator on its back, burst with fire and lightning, and Kyurem got on its hind legs, and transformed.

Kyurem was now standing on its hind legs, and it's tail generator and other parts of its body were now pulsing red and blue, the exact color of Reshiram and Zekrom's auras. Its eyes were doing the same, but far faster. The wrinkles on its body were gone, and the left side of its body was looking like it had regenerated.

It roared, and out of its hands came the Dark and Light Stones. With a flash, the stones shattered to pieces. I heard the mutilated screams of the two dragons held within. There were no more, instead the body they once were when they first split.

With a blast of Ice, Kyurem engulfed all...

I woke up. It was all a horrible nightmare. I checked my Pokeballs. Everyone was were they should be, even Zekrom. I assumed that I would forget this horror and continue my search for N.

I was very wrong if I thought I would forget.

In my hand, right where I had it last, were the DNA Splicers.

If you knew of the world Black's Nightmare took place, feel proud of yourself.

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