Have you ever wondered why people created fire?

Well you may be thinking; "To see in the dark, shit head." or, "To cook food, dumbass."

Maybe even, "It was an accident that man found out about fire."

Well, to tell you the truth—no, it was no accident.

As many of you know, there are 'other things' out there. One of those things, are "Dieku." They are stronger in the night, for it is when we humans are most afraid.

There is something we all fear. The unknown, things we can't even begin to know about, causes us fear. Which is why we all, at one point, are scared of the dark.

But please don't be so afraid, for that is what they feed from and gain their strength. But it is when you completely lose your grip, is when they take you. No one knows where you will end up. But one thing is for certain; you will most likely be dead.

Well, now there is no need to be afraid—because there is something there. In order to make mankind less afraid of the dark, they created fire and light.

They began to feel more brave as they weakened the Dieku. But now, the darkness is no longer needed. Now, there are evil organizations and war that has spread fear across the world. Now the Dieku are back and hungry. But don't fret, they mostly feed on little kids now. For they are easier to scare.

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