Between may and June 2011 me and my brother got a 3 week break off work. I decided to go over to my brothers house for five days, on the first day over we were cleaning out the loft when we came across our old VHS tapes from when we were kids such as Thomas the tank engine and postman pat. However I found a tape which read "Donald&Douglas1" we never saw this tape before so we decided to play it on my brothers old VHS player.

Ghost trAIN

The exact bridge from the accident

The episode started off with the nameplates and awkward silence however the character looked angry or depressed. This went on for thirty seconds. The episode starts with the fat controller in his office when a worker in a blue suite came in and was speaking in Russian. The fat controller replied in English saying "yes of course" it then cuts to a scene were Donald and Douglas were pulling a goods train, this were the episode got stranger, when they passed another character the other character looked depressed but Donald and Douglas were still smiling and the first act ended.

The next act was the two characters Donald and Douglas reverse into the shed, they were still smiling but the other characters still looked depressed, you could here a sigh as the screen faded to black. The next scene began were the two twins were once again pulling a goods train but they had to stop at the station. The crews of the engine's Start them up and jumped out the cab smiling, the guard from the brakevan then jumped out and he too was smiling then the scene ended.

The next scene shown them going towards a huge bridge that was under construction were a silver tank engine was by the construction. Unfortunately the two engines knocked the silver tank engine and the construction off the bridge! Instead of showing the accident it shown the main characters in the sheds at night time looking depressed and angry with pitch black eyes with screams being heard.

The screen then cut to the scene of the crash with parts of donald, Douglas and the silver engine everywhere with blood allover the rolling stock. The credits played with the music in reverse and had the picture of the crash in the background. The credit were in japenese. The tape then ended

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