(Found on an archived 4chan thread; other than being combined, the contents of the OP's posts have not been altered)

I've posted about this once or twice, but I am really desperate to find out what's up with this game, so...

Okay, you know how when you were a kid, you'd choose games for your parents to buy you based largely on what the cover looked like? Well, this was one of those cases, back in the early days of Windows 95, if memory serves. So back then, I saw a game with a weird image on the cover of an angry looking cartoon bone, and a rainbow, and some sort of was badly drawn, not quite as bad as pic related, but I used paint to give you an idea of the graphics quality. Looking back, the cover was kinda gay, but I was a kid, so who gives a shit?

Anyways, the game had a title that sounded like a cheesy pop song. That, and the fact that the word "Dream" was in the title, are all that I can remember of the name sadly...But it sounded like "Dream on Air"...really cheesy.

Well, my parents got me the game, and I open it up and find it's on like 5 different floppies. It turns out to be a point-and-click adventure game with text, and it seemed to have been made using Hyperstudio or Hypercard or one of those.

The first thing you see after the title screen is an entrance to an old clubhouse built with old stones...I remember the 'stones' they used looked like one of the default textures in those old programs. Anyways, you go inside the club that apparently you and some friend hang out in, and fall asleep on the couch.

You wake up and see that a bookshelf has some glowing shit behind it. You move the bookshelf aside, and find an entrance into an old basement. Deep in the basement, there's a strange glowing key...I remember there was a sort of unicorn on it. There was something about you thinking that your friend must've hidden this from you. Anyways, you grab the key, and you'd end up in some sort of crazy dream world.

The dream world is where most of the game that I played took place. There were several locations, including a farm house, a small broken ruin, a dark forest, and some sort of goo cave. In most of these locations are 'people'...and by that, I mean cartoony objects with faces. There was the angry bone, a bucket, a small mouse, a talking stone, etc.

Throughout the game, you gather items and solve simple puzzles. I remember one puzzle involved a poem where you took the first letter of each line, and each of those letters stood for a color...then, you'd come across a bunch of colored mushrooms, and if you touched them in the order that the poem says, it would unlock a secret path. Another part, you have to shrink your character somehow to talk to a mouse. Really weird stuff.

You could trigger different conversations with each of the characters as you progress, as well as new areas and new items. The conversations were odd to me as a kid, partly because I remember they swore a LOT (I remember the Bonehead guy saying bitch at one point, at that age, that was a big deal) but mostly because they kept talking about a Wall. They'd warn you to be careful of what lies beyond the wall or something along those lines.

Well, lo and behold, eventually, you actually get to the wall at one point, and if you do shit right, you can actually get beyond it.

Beyond the wall is an exact replica of the dream world, except for a bunch of changes...All the colors are duller, almost to the point of being grey. Every character you met on the other side is here, except frozen in place instead of animated, and they all have frightened looks on their faces.

But the freakiest of all was the text. Throughout the rest of the game, it gave you a narration of what was going on, like an old RP game. But here, it just said shit over and over like "DO NOT TRUST THE LIGHT."

I freaked out, and stopped playing. I can't even find one of the floppies anymore, which is odd, because we're fucking packrats. If anyone knows anything else about this game (especially its REAL name, apparently "Dream on Air" is not what it's called) please let me know...I think that game would be fun to play now that I'm older.

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