A few years ago there was a little brat next door to me. We were seven at the time. When we were going to school she would tease me and call me names. One day she pushed me over the edge after she called me a loser, and stole all my friends by spreading rumors about me. While we were walking home on the same road she said, “How does it feel to be such a loser.”


That for me was the last straw, so I said “You know I hope a Duskull takes you away.”

“Back at ya,” she said in an annoying voice.

Later that night...

I could not go to sleep, so I stared at the wall of my room. I heard scratching noses, but I ignored them. Then the scratching noises were getting louder and louder. At one point they got so loud I thought my ears would start bleeding. Then out of nowhere I saw a Duskull. It looks around my room and saw me. I just stared at it hoping it would not take me away. “You are Lucy, yes.”

I nodded slowly.

“You have been a good girl, so your wish will come true.” “

What wish?” I asked in a surprised tone.

“The wish you made for me to take away Mindy.”

Before I could say I did not mean it the Duskull vanished. I went to Mindy’s house to warn her, but when I got there I heard sobs and cries of pain. I heard the Duskull laughing. I also saw the Duskull stabbing her with a needle. I knew Mindy was terrified of needles and cried every time she saw one. The last thing I saw was the Duskull carrying Mindy in its arms and singing.

“You are going into my chamber tonight child.”

“You will go into the chamber tonight child.”

”Hahahaha, and the funny thing is you are never coming out.”

Today I type this up so you will never wish anything that I wished those many years ago, and so you will be good and not end up like Mindy. There is a third reason, the Duskull said that since I wished harm on another human I am bad, but we made a deal. The deal was that if I type this up he will not take me. Now what does this have do with you? Well, you see the moment after you read this Duskull will know. He knows if you are good or bad. If you are a bad person, good luck.

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