Written by NaruOokami on DeviantART.

They say the new Pokémon games are nothing compared to the old ones. They say it was all better, the Pokémon were believable (what). They don't see the new generations are also beautiful and enjoyable. I've always loved the new generations, Generation 4 being my favorite.

That must be why it chose me.

They say the new Pokémon games have no glitches, so they hear, and some live, gory and creepy stories from the games back in the nineties. But trouble still lurks in new generations, enraged and violent for being forgotten and ignored. I knew that.

It lives in generation 4. It knows I understand how it thinks.

So it chose me.


That day, I was with my "original, untouched" Soul Silver cartridge, playing around with my Pokémon. My friend came along with her r4, with no hacks in it or nothing. We traded Pokémon, we chatted, and we battled, like we always did. Then, I got a good idea. I looked at my Egg box, and saw a lonely Egg stored there. I didn't even know I had an Egg to begin with, but I quickly forgot about it.

"So," I suggested, "Do you have an Egg, too? Let's trade!"

She didn't, but she told me to wait, and that she was going to see if she had any luck in the Pokémon Day Care. As soon as she stepped outside the Pokémon Center, her phone rang.

"Lucky you! The phone rang!" She told me, as I picked up her DS and saw the message.

It was… weird, to say the least. The Day Care man sounded…unsure of something.

"Uh… It's surprising… We don't know exactly how… But your Pokémon… Had an Egg. It's here. Come and get it."

Weird indeed, my friend said. She remembered the Pokémon she left: A male Vulpix and a Togepi… Also male. Also, I knew Togepi is unable to breed, male, female or Ditto. A weird glitch? Something told me that it would get worse.

I went to Goldenrod and took the Egg. The Day Care couple was silent, and didn't even let me take my friend's Pokémon. Both Vulpix and Togepi were in a corner of their room, and something told me they were as confused as I was.

"Take a look at it!" My friend urged me, excited and clearly not feeling that tension I did.

I tried.I really tried. But the Pokémon menu didn't appear. It just didn't.My friend got bored and went to play with my game, while I tried to talk with Marluxia, her Pidgeotto. I got a message I wasn't expecting in the least:

-Child of Sin, no Child-

I stared blankly at the message, frozen.I decided not to tell my friend about it, and closed the message quietly. I was scared but at the same time fascinated with this. I had read tons of Creepypastas on the internet, and now I was probably living one!

Suddenly, I don't know if it had any influence over me yet, but I got indescribably greedy.

I had to get that Egg to myself.

I hurried to the PokéCenter, and asked my friend to switch the DS around again. I told her to trade her Egg with mine. She accepted, not interested in a glitched Egg anyway. I was so close to having a living Creepypasta in my game! I was scared and excited at the same time.

So I waited. And waited. And waited…

"What's taking you so long?"

My friend looked at me with disbelief.

"I… can't select it!"

True. She couldn't even put the cursor on it. The system reacted like the party slot was empty.I tried selecting it, but it didn't react. I tried to examine it. It said absolutely nothing, not even that it was an Egg. Just the standard Egg sprite was there.

Well, the more I looked at it, the less standard it looked. The polka dots appeared deformed and swirled, cracks started to form, and pixellated blood started to seep through them. Now, I was starting to feel sick.

"Cancel the damn trade." I ordered my friend, who didn't react when I showed her the accursed thing. "Hey, did you hack something into this game or something?"

"Well, in the beginning, I put an Egg code. To make it hatch faster, you know?" She scratched her head in confusion. "But I took it out a long time ago, I swear!"


Suddenly, my friend's DS went black. I shakily handed it to her, and got mine back. My sprite returned to the chat room. And, to my surprise, there were other people there. A Black Belt and a Cowgirl were still in the room.

The cowgirl was the sprite I chose, so I couldn't have seen her. And my friend's DS was turned off. So why was there a Black Belt in her place...?

Something I presumed was still inside that accursed Egg cackled insanely inside my mind.

"They seem to be having fun." The message was deadpan, making it all the scarier.

I tried again.


I shut my DS off, hoping that it would all go away.

It didn't.

My friend had turned the DS on again, and the Egg… hatched.We waited to see what would get out. It wasn't anything like a Pokémon. A regular one, I mean…

It was a big square glitch, a pile of mangled Togepi and Vulpix body parts, all white, like someone had thrown a bucket of white paint over it. It looked like it was drowning in bluish gray blood. It had a shell, three tails, a Vulpix nose,no face. Its Togepi paw was pointing upwards, to the sky. We looked at its description, and it said:


I remembered that a long time ago my young cousin cracked a chicken egg open because she didn't want to wait for it to hatch. It was gruesome and terrible. Blood seeped through the cracks, the little bird inside was deformed and ugly… Was that it? An Egg forced to hatch by the hand of some unknown code? That was why it refused to go away, even if it showed it all to me and me alone… It knew I would understand. That was why it showed it to me. That was why it chose me.

I tried to run and release that…thing... out of my friend's game, my greed now tame but still there, mashing buttons even though the player character wouldn't run. After some time,another message popped up.


There were two choices: Yes or No. I pressed B.


Again, Yes or No. I pressed Yes.


Yes. I do.


B. Maybe.


B. I am scared but I am not trying to shut the game off, am I?


No. I was always sensible about dying, as I want to do things in my life and death isn't going to stop me that soon. that thought alone gave me strength.





Everything turned into glitches. The DS shut off again.


My friend never got to play her Soul Silver again. She just thinks it was an annoying glitch that prevented her to play. I know better, though, and I know what that thing was. Some months later, I finally got the guts to play my game again.

That Egg I found in my box before all that chaos? It hatched.

It was a Togepi, that I never knew I had.

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