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Ever since Banjo Kazooie's fall from grace since Microsoft screwed up their franchise by becoming a build-your-own-racecar game, Mumbo Jumbo, the original one, not that over-alls wearing joke, has been acting.... odd. He became, distant, absent, rarely seen, neither in the first levels of the first game, nor in any of the levels in the sequel. Banjo and Kazooie don't like what's going on, and are concern something is gonna go down. They need to investigate this.

Weird things began to go around in the Banjo Kazooie world. All of the enemies, new and old, are becoming, demonic. the Gruntlings became super brutes. The bugs are giants. Worse, the raptors from Conker's bad fur day are in the dinosaur world and are ripping apart the stegosauruses. Something is not going right. At first, both Banjo and Kazooie suspect foul play from Gruntila, but they discovered that, Grunty's lair was destroyed, by her own minions and the monsters that reside in the levels in that place, even the good ones. Clonker become a monster, devouring his own home and everyone in it, even the wall monsters as they are gruesomely ripped apart. Snipper was eating the craps and clams, and the sand castle that housed that black one was destroyed, by what looked like, a boot print. The desert valley was worse. It became cold, freezing the enemies into fragile ice that upon touch, break into frozen, gory pieces. The swamp became evil, and was riddled with blood, demonic frogs, and skulled dragon flies. Freezeezy Peek became a desert, all of the snowmen melted into liquid and wet hats, the giant ice cubes with eyes, just became the dicarded ices. The Giant Snowman is now, to a grim surprise, a giant skeleton, creepily similar to the skeletons that roam Mad Monster Mansion.

Speaking of which, it's been destroyed, the mansion is more ruined then already, the bats are giant and demonic now, the ghosts are blood stained, and the skeletons, even worse, they're crimson in blood drenched bones, and are now unkillable; not even the golden feathers can harm them. Worse part, their skulls, are silver. The boat level was a disaster area. The boat has sank into the poisoned water, and the bodies of the beast sailors are seen flouting, some of which, are getting consumed by a demonic, mutated shark, the one that was found in Treasure Cove. The woods level is reduced to a dead, decrepit woods. all things, good and evil.... dead. The levels in the sequel are in a worse, unspeakable conditions.

The Mayan cat areas are being plagued by soldiers from Spain, who are doing unspeakable things to the area. Without Targetzon's protection thanks to being a boss and therefore, was defeated, the tigers of the area were helpless, not even those normally indestructible statues couldn't help. The mine is burning and became hell. The miners, who were crazy to begin with, are now cannibals, having been eating each other. the poor fox miner and his pet never stood a chance. The already condemned park Witchyworld is reduced to a theme park ruin, the tent destroyed, the attractions blood drench in the blood of the rats, and the employees of the fast-food areas are gored and devoured, and had an odd smell of oranges. The cowboy part became a ghost town, a horrid, blood-stained ghost town. The place areas are decrepit wastelands. and the horror parts sensually became hell, even the fire part, but instead of clearly fake, it was more legit.

Jolly Rogers waters dried out, the town closed up and abandoned, the only water left was the one with the dead bodies of those pigs, one of them still on his precious ball. the caverns are riddled with dead, rotten sea creatures, the Atlantis ruins more ruined then ever, and the caverns are invested by demonic versions of those annoying pirates with clubs. even the lockers are more demonic, with the one that holding Lord Woo Fak Fak resembling a tomb stone, cause inside, is a rotting, dead, corpse of the self-impotent beast. I mentioned before that the raptors from conker invaded terryworld. Well, the Stegos weren't the only ones who suffered. the cavemen who lived there, were all wiped out. The Pterodactyls, even Terry and his kids, left the area in fear.

Grunty's industry fell apart in ruins, all the workers quit cause of unsafe conditions. The speaker began to say random, nonsensical gibberish, most of it, involving the words "Egum Boogum". Half Peaks turned into a surrealistic vortex of chaos. The fire humanziods fighting the yetis, the elemental dragon brothers declaired war cause of false accusations of their pizza problems. Many innocents offered. The Polar Bears died from a fire, the explorer was eaten by the brown hear yeti with a big toe. The cloud world fell into Isle'o Hags and decimated the land, causing violent weather problems that worsen everything. The inhabitants of the island suffered emotionally, physically, mentally, and morally. Especially the Jujus. more of their houses and families were being harmed by the green monsters and the dactal monsters growing onto the craving of raiding things for survival! Their King, became an uncaring tyrant. Bottles was divorced from his wife, lost custody of his children and home, and committed suicide by jumping of the Isle'o hags cliffs. the other inhabitants just became scared, afraid, even more and more evil or uncaring. Their socity and moral rules fell apart at this point. survival is all that matters. Wampa was raped by the green Monsters. So was Honey B. the Chicken was eaten. the Jiggy temple was looted and estimated, and the Jiggy people were murdered. Spiral Mountain suffered the worse. Banjo and Kazooie decided to find out what was going on!

You noticed I never mentioned Mumbo's Mountain..... I was saving that for last. The fire world of the horror theme in Witchyworld was a foreshadow of what Banjo was gonna see. Mumbo's Mountain became a hellish place. The blue creatures became demonic beasts with sharp teeth and claws, the bull became mechanic and monstrous, the Gorrilla devoured the monkey and was monstering around. The Giant Ants are zombies, with their heads, eerily silver and human skullish. The village were Mumbo's first hut is, is now ruined and decriped. The spinning statue is Mayan looking and also evil appearing. Mumbo's own skull became what Mumbo's skull from the fire theme looked like. Banjo and Kazooie became, concerned. They decided to man up and face this.

They entered the lair, and it was more like the sequel Mumbo's lair then traditional, but demonic. Silver Skulls were everyone, as their sockets bleed blood. Upon entering the top floor, Grunty's body was gored and dead, as well as her sisters. So was the modern Mumbo. There was Mumbo's throne, beastly and evil. Suddenly, the sound of tribal chanting was heard. "Egum Boogum" was repeated over and over, as a grim figure stood in the shadows. It reveals itself as Mumbo, but he was, different. (He looked like the above image).

Mumbo became a monster. His jealousy to the new Mumbo destroyed his more or less fickle morality, and changed him into someone he was not, and he took it out on everyone. The beast continued to say "Egum Boogum" as he began to approach a frightened Banjo, and killed him! Kazooie was too afraid and quickly escaped!

She escaped from the area as the chanting of Egum Boogum continued. then, suddenly, zombies of both evil beasts and good characters began to arose from the graves, surrounded the helpless Breegull. She began to fly away, out of the zombies reach. An evil laugh was heard, as the poor Breegull was crying.

Kazooie spent the rest of her days hiding out in the ruined home of Banjo. It's the only place she knows off. She's too afraid of the horror that was Mumbo and the chaos he created. she cried to herself. all she cared for is gone. Suddenly, the green monsters and the dactal beasts busted through the house! They seek to rape her and loot whatever isn't destroyed.

Kazooie tried to escape, but the Dactal beasts snagged her down! She closed her eyes, crying, as green monsters began to take turns in violating her body. Egum Boogum was heard as the camera began to go away from the house, as skull-like eyes are seen in the background. the screams of Breegull were heard though out Spiral Mountain, as Mumbo, seen at the very top of the mountain, near of a destroyed and decrepit Grunty's lair, a complete skull now, as Mumbo began to laugh sinisterly.

The world is forever in turmoil.

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