Chavo ded

A snapshot of Chavo near the end

You know how Roberto Gomez Bolanos, has that one show named: "El Chavo"? He refused to make this current episode. It was in 1991, Gomez was running out of ideas for new episodes so he decided to make an episode of Chavo and the gang underattack. He handed a few employees a Disc of The episode.

They played it and it began with:

El Chavo's regular opening sequence, but was pretty blurry. It opened with Chavo doing a trick by holding on to a broom with his hand, And Don Ramon appears saying something like: "Chavo come here."

He was trying his best to hang on to the broom and looked through the window and asked "Where are you?" And it showed a guy with a Disfigured lip, His eyes were gone, And His nose fell off. After the picture, La Chilirinda appeared and said "Where's Chavo?" Quico exclaimed "He is outside." Then the screen was completely green, and They both looked up and a U.F.O was coming down.

Chavo began running back inside, as the zombies were coming out of the UFO. They began to decapitate Don Ramon, and began to eat Quico. Chilirinda begins running in her house. and begins screaming while it begins to do something to Chavo. It starts to chew up his limbs. while La Chilirinda starts running to a nearby river and begins to float away in a boat.

And they start to growl at the zombies and start fighting them. NoNo is in the fight with other Mexican people. And the zombies begin to eat NoNo. Chilirinda was the only one left. The zombies begin to go in the lake as she is floating more and more till she doesn't get a hold of them. Anywho, She starts Panting and crying for a couple minutes. Then it stopped for a commercial break.

It went back to the episode. Chilirinda was getting close to become a zombie like the others. but she swam out of the boat and was scared still. she couldn't be made out on what she said right here. we kept watching as she drove in a car and began panting some more. she drove the car to Chicago and she starts crying, And it yet again stopped for another commercial break. As it went back to the episode, she began to stab all the zombies, As she began to run back to Mexico.

All the zombies are gone and she was the only one left in Whole Mexico as the people started to fade away as she was the only one in Mexico left. Mexico was completely empty, As she went into clay form, she looked at Chavo's body. Completely Bloody. As she begins to go in her house suffering from Nervously, And Shock. And the episode finishes.The credits for this episode were completely silent, and seemed darkened. The final image, was La Chilirinda as a clay figure for two seconds, then the episode stopped with that ending.

I told Roberto Gomez, Bolanos about this episode, then I smashed up the disc and threw it in the fire, and it was never seen again. Bolanos Apologised that me, Drake, And Carl (The employees) Had to see that and told us it was only a test project he made for his family on Halloween time.

So I broke this disc. and one of my little sons kept calling the show stupid. So I removed everything I could from that bad day. I asked Gomez about the details and he told me he wanted to shock people with something they wouldn't have experienced.

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