I think everyone has heard of the game, Legend of Zelda.

But they don't know my story.

So the year was 2009 when I got Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I went to my local game store and was browsing the shelves when I saw it. The game, I mean. I looked at the price it was only $5.00. Then and there I bought it. I rushed home and shoved it into my N64. I played it so much. I stayed up day and night just to play it. My mom thought I was dead from staying in my room for about two days without eating supper. Anyways, I got to the Temple of Time, where Link (or at least what you named him) got older by seven years. Of course the natural thing for you to do is for you to go to Lon Lon Ranch. So I went there but something was strange. Nobody was there. I searched around where the horses are supposed to be. No Epona. It was just dead silence. Not even the Epona's Song was playing.

But I went inside the house where everybody lives. All I saw was the usual furniture. And... it was there. Epona was. She just sat there. Dead. I walked near her and was surprised I could talk to her. But what came up was a poem.

"Epona has met her fate. Soon you will be the same. She has ran through the pasture with happy and grace. And now as you see, she has lost her face."

After that I have turned off the N64. Never playing that, I will never play that again. I Googled the problem. And what came up was the same poem. But after I closed the screen. Something terrifying appeared. Epona, with no face. Just brain and blood dripping down. I soon just shut down the computer. I visited my cousin. (He has the game too.) And he also lives in Mississippi. So we just went and played his game. It was normal. But when we played my version, it was normal too. He thought I was crazy. But, it was good to see Epona alive. I forgot my game inside his house. So I went out to where my cousin was. But, he was kneeling, crying, he was by his horse. His favorite horse. He had a love for video games so he named his horse Epona. And Epona had met her fate.

As you may tell, she has no face.

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