The Eric André Show is a show that appeared on Cartoon Network's late night block, Adult Swim. It was created by Eric André and Hannibal Buress. It is supposedly a parody of low-budget talk shows.

I was talking with one of the executive producers who I know through my dad, and I told him I was a big fan. He started telling me about the plans for the show, such as more creepy and morbid sketches or bits.

I asked him why morbid and creepy, he went to explain that Eric André's "character" is really a Schizo. He told me if I ever had an idea I could pitch it to him. Over a few days, I developed a theory.

Eric André is a Schizo (as said above) who always wanted to be famous as a child. The show and "celebrities" is his way of feeling special. Also, when people are asked about his show, they don't know about it because it's in his head. This is his conscience trying to tell him that it is fake.

Hannibal Buress is Eric's conscience, but his physical appearance is an old friend of Eric's. This is shown by his constant disapproval of what he does and his trying to force Eric to realize it's all fake. Sometimes, Hannibal gets carried away or acts strange, this is Eric's conscience fading away. Eric cannot live without his conscience, as seen in the episode Evangelos where he goes blind and crazy when he loses Hannibal.

The violent openings are a symbolism of his pent up anger and violence. The bits or recordings of him off the set is what he does during the day, which is why they are usually awkward or strange. Also, since Hannibal is non-existent, that is why he is never noticed during the bits by anyone except Eric.

I'm telling the producer about this and seeing if he'll use it. Wish me luck.

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