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I don’t know where I am, really. I’ve just been running, but I don’t know from what. In fact, It’s hard to think about anything, though I do remember my name, it’s Keith.

This room is dusty and cold. The floor is made of stone, it’s empty and dark, save the light coming from the doors on either end. I think I can move now. I’m not going back though, something tells me that’s a bad idea. I’ll go through the door ahead of me.

This room is smaller; a flickering light comes from an arcade game. There’s no sound, just looping 16-bit fighting scenes. As I walked up to the machine and noticed there was nowhere to insert a coin, not that I think I had any. There wasn’t even a name, just a plain white brightly lit front and black boarded sides. Below the screen there were buttons like you’d expect. There were three red buttons, an A, B and a Start. Also, there was a joy stick.

I stared at everything for awhile, thinking to myself on how I even got here. I honestly came up with nothing, feeling like I was in a fog. My mind went blank as I watched the game play. Occasionally stopping to show two characters standing there as Press Start was flashing. I noticed one of the characters was faded in the shadows and hard to make out, while the other stood in the light. He didn’t have an expression you’d expect on a main character in a fighting game. He looked unsure of himself rather than buff and powerful with a smirk or something.

I pressed the start button after I was done staring. There was a sound like a wave, then a voice saying ‘Choose your character!’ and some upbeat music. It was the two from the start screen. The first was named Lyle and the second option was still faded out. If I tried to select him it told me this character is locked. So I really didn’t have a choice, I had to go with the uneasy looking guy.

The first level loaded, I was on a street with my back to a window, nothing really exciting. I just walked forward and messed with the buttons: B made him jump, A made him punch. This level just had me jump over some boxes and a dog tried to attack, but I ran and cleared the level. I realized Lyle had been walking the whole entire level. There was no button to run, but when Lyle saw the dog and he would run automatically.

Level two loaded. Again, nothing really to fight, just walking down the street. I finally came across a guy with chains as a weapon. I tried fighting him, but it was useless, my health bar rapidly fell and I appeared to be doing almost no damage. So I directed Lyle away and he was running. I had him run all the way to the end of this level.

This was a pretty stupid game, but I continued. There wasn’t anything else for me to do, I didn’t want to leave.

The next levels were all the same, I started walking, I finished running. I didn’t even bother fighting, Lyle really was pathetic. I don’t blame him for looking so uneasy. As you’d expect the levels got harder, more enemies and obstacles. I made it all the way to level 20, this level was dark. I guess I should have expected that since to escape the mob in level 19 Lyle jumped down in to an open cellar, closing the door behind him.

Lyle was faded out and hard to see, I just had him walk forward. There was no sound on this level or enemies.

Suddenly there was light behind Lyle; now he was running again. It felt like forever too. Slowly the light would gain on him lighting up Lyle to show a terrified face. I really didn’t know what it was, just a light. There was still no sound.

Finally he made it to a door, just as he did I heard a noise behind me in real life. It startled me because there was only silence a moment ago. I realized that whatever was outside could be finally coming to get me. I backed away from the game, which was flickering, and found a window. I opened it up and climbed through.

I don’t know where I am really. I’ve just been running, but I don’t know from what. In fact, It’s hard to think about anything. Though I do remember my name, it’s Lyle.

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