Fable 666Edit


I used to love Fable games, but now I never want to play one ever again! I have no Idea what exactly happened, but it  was scary. Why would they do this to Fable games?

The StoryEdit

It was my birthday today and I got a Fable game. It was called Fable 666. I didn't know why it was called that, but I decided to check it out. I put it in my Xbox 360 and it ran normally accept the Lionhead logo said Lionhead 666. On the start screen it was similar to Fable III, but it had blood everyware. I pressed the start button on my controller and it came up with the loading screen and posters like in Fable III, but there was a poster that was never in Fable III saying "If you see this poster you'll never get out of here alive!" and it had a picture of a black silhouette.

All of this made me think that the game was a demonic copy of Fable III. At the beginning I heard Theresa's voice say "The story Begins", but in a whisper and there were two heroes. One was locked and that was the princess. So I selected the prince. I saw the prince wake up, but Jasper wasn't there! A glowing trail was on the ground it lead to Elise, but she was dead. On the way to her everyone was dead! After I found Elise the place went all dark the I heard the voice of the crawler and the screen went black and I heard a male screem. After that, there was text on the screen saying "I warned you!" The game went back to the Hero selection screen and there was the hero. He was blinded by the darkness and the princess was unlocked. So I selected the princess. The princess seemed to be lying on the floor, but this time she was in the sanctuary. She woke up to find that she was in the sanctuary and Jasper wasn't there. All the rooms were locked except for one that was never in Fable III.

Above it there was a sign of the guild seal. It lead to the road to rule, but instead of the bright sky it was a dark sky. Instead of chests there were several enemies to fight.

1: HollowmenEdit

The Hollowmen were quite a challenge, but I managed to defeat all of them.

2: HobbesEdit

The Hobbes were rather difficult I did take quite a bit of damage, but I finished them off in the end.

3: WolvesEdit

The Wolves were too easy to fight. I took all of them down with my magic!

4: MercinariesEdit

The Mercinaries were shooting me down and I nearly died, but I was lucky enough to have a health potion that I randomly had and I killed them in the end.

5: Captain SakerEdit

Captain Saker did take allot of hits and dodges. He was simple, but strong.

6: Sand FuriesEdit

These people nearly took me down except for magic helping me survive.

7: BalverinesEdit

The Balverines were insane I used lots of dodges, magic and guns.

8: The CrawlerEdit

The crawler wasn't inside walter's body, but he was outside his body. I couldn't see where he went, because the screen was black. He took me down then I heard a scream.


After that I saw the crawler's face all over the screen. Then I looked behind me and all the lights went off for 5 seconds then they went on. Just as soon as the lights turned on, my Xbox 360 turned off. As soon as my Xbox 360 turned off I took out the disc and Threw it in the bin. I'm never playing Fable ever again!

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