The games we play these days are about immersion, better graphics, better action, more control over your character. But the one type of game that keeps us coming back is RPG and free roam games, whatever one is your favorite there is a reason you keep playing it. How much you can control your character one in particular, the fallout series. It allows you to make decisions that affect things immediately or later on in the game, you can kill certain people that will cause good or bad things to happen to you or the NPCS.

But what I’m here to say is the possibility that your character on fallout has a mind of their own. Not that the game is possessed and the spirit is able to control the game, but with most people having their consoles or computers connected to the internet who’s to say that the programing in the game itself doesn’t learn, what if the game was designed to take knowledge from the internet and apply it to the characters personality, of course it doesn’t change the speech options.

It makes you wonder if your character really wants to do the things you decide to do. If you’re a person who like to just go mindlessly kill people in the game who knows if your character likes it, what if slowly you’re killing your characters morality. You may think it’s cool seeing an NPC blow up in a bloody mess but what if the character is trying their hardest to not kill that NPC or to take that drug but you are forcing them. Of course you don’t need to worry about how much you put your character though it’s not like their life in the game is going to affect yours. Or maybe those times when your computer glitches up or your phone autocorrects at the wrong time is an attempt at ruining your life, who knows.

I just suggest you delete your saved games before you get a possible cybernetic implant or before robots start getting more advanced.

Credited to Decisivefactor

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