When I was young, I never was a fan of video games, but my parents were addicted to them. They're favorite games were the Fire Emblem series. When the Gameboy had just come out, their favorite game was Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. They even named my Sister and me the main characters, Erika and Ephriam. So, when I was old enough to understand video games, I reluctantly played on my Gameboy. Then, I lost interest even more when my family bought a computer, and I played text based games, my favorite being Zork.

Then, I eventually went off to college and had a laptop with all text-based games that I knew. I finished college and went off to live in a nice apartment, not too far from my parents' house, mainly so I could visit my sister whenever I wanted. We were best siblings back then. Until then, sadly, she passed away. I was visiting her new apartment when she graduated college. She was driving home and was in an accident but it was right outside so I could help her. I got her to a hospital and then, she recovered. My parents had got her a Fire Emblem game as a get well gift. They bought it used off Amazon, but it was brand new.

My sister said that all the characters were coming to life, but she was taking a medicine with a side effect of hallucinations, so my parents and I thought she was over exaggerating. That is until she was murdered and there were 2 peculiar markings on the floor, that said "Erika 0/30" and "Erika 3/30" and I realized that the Game Boy was on and that the mission where you could select Ephriam or Erika and she chose Ephriam. So I put both of them together and figured out that the characters really did come to life and were mad when they're not chosen. Then, I realized that my parents were playing the cursed game! They replayed the mission and this time, they chose Erika, but nothing odd occured this time.

That night, my dad came running into my apartment covered in blood, holding the Gameboy and the game. He said that Ephriam came out of the game and attacked him and mom. He managed to escape with a few little cuts, but only after mom... Well anyway, he said that he was already cursed by the game and he couldn't destroy it. Then, using a hammer from my birdhouse project, I smashed the game and all the characters along with it. That was when somehow, my sister was declared still alive, and my dad was wrong about my mom being killed, but she was in critical condition. This story was put aside as 3 failed murder attempts by a serial killer, even though I knew the true story.

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