Have you ever heard of the concept of your life flashing before your eyes? You've probably heard it around. That when you're finally knocking on Death's grim door, your mind recaps all the major events of your life. Everything your mind can think of to help relieve the stress of your untimely death. It's comforting, really. It's reassuring to know that even in death, you'll have that fond memory of prom night. You'll have that memory of your children, and grandchildren.

It was such a shame that you never got to experience so many of life's greatest moments.

Car Crash (2)

That day, you weren't even looking... How old were you? 18? 24? It hardly matters now, I suppose. You've laid in that bed for days now, your family mourning over the loss of one of their own kin. Their tears moistening the sheets that cover your mangled, bloody body, from that tragic accident that was never intended to happen.

What's left of your impact on this world of our now? A few fond memories with a couple close friends of yours, also standing beside your hospital bed, which would eventually become the eternal resting place of your mortal soul. What else have you accomplished? As you think through your life, you begin to relive memories. Sadly, you find that your years, while filled with happiness, were lonely. You lived your life, secluded behind a desk, staring at the bright screen connected to the expansive web of wires known as the internet.

All those years, relived, but so lonely. There were some shreds of happiness, in an otherwise sad and dark life. All of these things, climaxing to that one fateful day. You weren't even looking, walking downtown for the first time all week to finally go visit your old high school sweetheart. If only you have check both sides of the roads, or that teenager hadn't been drinking. So many aspects of that last day, all leading you onto the path of that horrifying collision. The ambulance came quickly, rushing you to the hospital, where all your family rushed to in a flash.

You begin to relive your life, once again...

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