Day 1Edit

I'm different from all my friends. I absolutely love aviation, even though I'm only 10. Every time I go to an airport, I look at each plane and identify the type it is. The best part is, there is an airbase next to my school.

I saved up enough money to buy Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe from an electronics store that sells old stuff. By the time I was home, it was 3:00. I ran up the stairs and popped the DVD into the drive. It installed like normal (16 GB apparently takes less time than I expected to be installed) and a window came up after a while. I installed both service packs for FSX and open the game.

I expected an activation window to show up, but all I saw was a box that said the game had corrupt DLLs. I repaired the game through Programs and Features, but it still didn't work. I went ahead and tried replacing the DLLs myself. That was a choice that no one should've ever picked.

FSX worked fine, but there was only one plane called Natasia 900 series. It was a small fictional jet plane, apparently invented by Microsoft itself. I found this odd, since I installed both service packs which should've added a ton of planes. I shrugged it off and chose the airbase I mentioned earlier as the location. The simulation loaded normally, but I swear I saw a reddish photo when it flashed at 100%.

It was the evening, which was obvious since it looked the same outside. I was faced with a challenge since the wind was howling. When I went into "Spot" viewing mode, I saw red spots covering the plane. I thought this was a design, but it wasn't in the preview. Carefully, I slid the throttle up to 100% and gently pulled on the yoke, pitching the nose up. The plane lifted from the ground but then the game gave me a fatal error. I checked the crash log to see just what in the world was going on.

I found out this was a natural error if you run FSX on Windows 7+ (I was running Windows 8.1) and it can be fixed by replacing a DLL. While I was doing this, I found some cool planes to download. FSX opened normally, but the stuff in the background of the logo was gone. The planes I downloaded were there, but they were still splattered with red.

I thought there was some kind of default livery for FSX planes, so I ignored this. I did the same as last session, but the sky in the game would sometimes turn reddish, then blue again. By the time I was on approach to Chicago O'Hare International Airport, it was past 8:30. I saved the game and went to sleep.

Day 2Edit

Oh god. No.

I launched FSX, willing to continue the flight and complete the flight. This time, the FSX logo was reddish. Everything else was fine. I loaded up the save, and what happened next left my mouth hanging open. I zoomed into the cockpit in the outside view to find that the pilot had a strange smile and his eyes were black. I almost fell out of my seat but kept on flying. I went back into cockpit mode and looked at the airport.

I saw the buildings and zoomed in a bit. The buildings looked as if a bomb destroyed them. I heard a whisper saying "Kids shouldn't be doing this." My heart was beating a bit faster than usual. The game went crazy after that. Red splattered all over the cockpit. I was trying not to scream, but it had to come out. The view automatically switched to spot when the plane hit the ground.

Then, the plane exploded with graphics I've never seen before. It didn't lag when a scene showing fire coming out and a huge smoke cloud appeared. There were body parts flying out of the plane. Why would someone do such a thing? I tried closing the game with task manager with no luck. I held down the power button and the PC turned off.

I turned the PC back on, uninstalled FSX and cleaned the registry. I went over to the electronics store to return the disc, only to find out that it was closed. FSX is about 50 bucks, so I had to do something with it. The only idea I could come up with is to sell the hellish disc to someone else. I gave the game to someone older than me who was also obsessed with aviation. Before I left the horrible disc with him, I told the guy one last thing.

"If the game goes crazy, destroy it and all evidence from your PC."

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