I suppose it all began a few weeks ago…but I think I’d better explain myself first. I’m a big fan of Phantasy Star dating back to the mega drive/genesis days and, bar the online series, I’ve kept up pretty well over the last 20 years. Now, just recently, I’ve been preparing for the new Sega All-Stars Racing, hoping that Wren from Phantasy Star 3 would make an appearance and I decided I’d pick up Phantasy Star Portable 2 again, after all I’d left it to one side just before the Final Boss.

I created a new character and played through the tutorial map and I got to the cutscene where the Svaltia kills you and everything was pretty normal, except that instead of Amelia getting possessed by the Ancient something seemed off, she was clutching her head, screaming in agony, maybe it was just the earbuds I was using but the scream was loud, too loud.

I checked the Volume on my PSP but it was only on the first bar so, after briefly ripping the buds out of my ears, I returned and found myself in the hub area of Clad 6 but it looked damaged, electrical cables were dangling from the ceiling and, on the scorched floor, a strange white fluid.

I looked around the area to see three of the CAST NPCs torn in half, the fluid leaking from their bodies, I walked over and examined them, bringing up a textbox that stated “It must have taken great strength to do this…” when I heard the sound effect for one of the doors opening, I turned around and saw Chelsea staggering towards me, her arm dangling by its wiring, the same fluid oozing out, I went over to her but she had already collapsed, I examined her but the text box was empty.

I turned and went up into the office, Emilia was stood there, she was crying, the camera froze in position as I approached her and she began talking “You died…? why are you back here?” prompting me to get closer. She screamed “ANSWER ME!” angrily, as though furious with me.

I spoke into the inbuilt microphone “because you saved me.”

“No, you gave up on us, you stopped playing… why? Why did you forget us?” she asked, almost begging me for a reason.

By this point I was close enough to examine her but I could hear a soft dripping noise off-screen. I pressed to examine Amelia but she spoke again “No! Don’t look at me!” she growled, the option box came up asking me if I truly wanted to look at Amelia.

I cautiously picked the Yes option and Amelia turned round to look at me, the far side of her face looked rotten and plant like, it reminded me of the SEED monsters, she pointed at her face.

“I got infected… because of you, because you didn’t stop them…” she snarled.

I stared at her mutated face as she raised a similarly mutated arm, its black talons glinting softly in a way that the engine shouldn’t have been able to do. I hesitantly reached for the power switch but it refused to power down.

Amelia was still angry, she pointed up, the camera following to reveal the source of the dripping noise. Kraz, the alcoholic leader of Little Wing, was hung from the ceiling, a watertight collar around his neck, similar to the cones given to dogs after surgery.

He was hanging there, dead; the cone filled with what I can only presume was Beer or Whiskey, evidently Amelia had drowned him using the alcoholic drinks he had been addicted to, Amelia’s voice continued “They died because of you, you forgot them…” then the power finally cut, I switched the PSP back on and it had returned me to the OS.

I selected the UMD but the preview screen was replaced with an even more mutated Emilia, the music replaced with her voice, but it was filled with agony and distorted due to her mutated state, she hissed “You forgot us… undo this…” so I went to my Save Data and deleted the file.

I booted the game back up and it started as normal again. I have no idea what happened, maybe it was just a dream, but I played through the entire game again, this time completing it, and I’ve had no problems since.

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