Hello. I just want to point out that I am 15-years-old and this event happened about a year-and-a-half ago. I haven't heard about or seen the server I joined a while back. I'm posting this so most of you can stay away from this server and hope to God it will get banned.

One morning I got up to go to my friend's house in North Yorkshire. But sadly, I got a call from his mum saying that I couldn't come because of the horrible snow conditions they were having over there. The hours went by so slowly and the longer I was bored, the slower time went by. I decided to go on my old laptop that I left under the bed for so long; heck, I don't know how long I even kept that thing under there.

I turned on my laptop and opened up Steam. I scrolled through my games and tried playing them, but for some reason every game said it was unable to connect to the Steam server. I tried the last game at the bottom of my list, 'TFC' (Team Fortress Classic). What came to my surprise was that this game actually loaded up. I tried finding a server with dustbowl being played on it.

Not long after, I finally found a server using this map and went to click on it. As the server was loading up I was wondering why the server's name was "Funeral servers; Team Deathmatch". The server finally loaded up, it would never usually take that long, and I mean it never does. I went to select my team; the only team I could really join was red -- shame, really -- because I liked blue a lot more. I don't really know why, but I like being on blue in every game. That was when I got really confused.

The class select screen had no borders, no text except for two classes, the soldier and spy. I chose the soldier and started to head to the enemy base. I checked to see who was on my team and for some reason every player on the server had zero ping/latency, and they also had people names (I mean like names you would give to a person). This was one heck of a strange server.

I felt like leaving the server, but I know it would've take me forever to find another server which had dustbowl playing on it. I realized that everyone else was playing as all the nine different classes; which was odd because I could only choose between soldier and spy.

Just right when we win the round, the screen turned black for about, well I didn't really keep track of how long it was on for, but I can't say it wasn't long. When the screen came back I found that my entire team was standing around me with blank faces. My whole body started to shake. I had no idea what was going on, I was pushing the 'ESC' button rapidly, but nothing happened.

The spy walked over to me in front of my screen, the keyboard and mouse were no good, I couldn't move at all and I didn't want to turn off my laptop, because I had a fear of breaking it. The spy spoke to me and said to me "Welcome to our funeral," then my soldier just died and what sounded like a scream from a man in pain gave me a pain in my throat.

The server started to load another map. The map was called "Funeral Grave". The strange thing about this map, it didn't download, it just loaded up. The screen turned black and there was some text "efiL-flaH." I tried working out what it spelled. I found out it said "Half-Life." Why would a server start up with the Half-Life intro? I mean, I know this is a Half-Life expansion/mod, but still. Hopefully you know where I'm coming from.

The screen started to fade into the game and I was playing as the soldier from "Team Fortress 2". This really made me freak out, how in god’s name could anyone import a high quality looking model like the soldier from 'TF2', into a game like this. I started to walk through a large hallway and the area looked like I was in a church. I walked out of the church and noticed something that made my hands pause and a tear of fear came out of my left eye.

The back of the church was a graveyard and the gravestones had the players’ names which were in the lobby list. The players were all dead and none of them were spawning. I said to myself quietly "Please...” I stayed strong and moved my class across the graveyard and I made it to one, last gravestone.

This gravestone had my player name on it. Then my player fell into the ground and died. The game just randomly shut off. I was so happy that the game turned itself off. I can't really tell Valve about this because they may think I'm crazy and imagining this, or they may ignore it because of how old the game is.

A few weeks later, all my games were running smoothly again and I never saw that blasted server again. Until one day. I opened up my Steam and to my surprise, the only game that was on there was "Team Fortress Classic". I felt like this game was haunting me again and I couldn't press play on it again. But I remember the gravestone which had my name on it and I thought that if I didn't play I might, you know, die. So I started the game up and breathed deeply. The game didn't even give me chance to select a server; it just went on one for me. I knew something strange like that would happen anyways. The server had loaded up; this time the server said nothing, it was just blank.

I had to pick red team like before but nobody was even in the server and I could only pick spy this time. I was in dustbowl once again. I couldn't take it anymore, the map was re-textured with "please" everywhere, like some sort of error. The server started spamming the voice command sound of "Medic!" which was all the same because 'TFC' only had one sound file of it. I started to get a headache; I was just playing by myself nobody around me whatsoever. Someone called Leon said something in the chat box "It's a shame." I wanted to know who was writing this, so I typed back "Excuse me?”

What I mean is, nobody spoke back, which started to annoy me. I believe it was two minutes until somebody spoke back. It wasn't Leon, this player's name was Charlie, "I'm so sorry about Leon." The message turned into CAPS. "I WAS ONLY TRYING TO SAVE HIM!” Out of nowhere, a ragdoll fell right in front of me. It was the Soldier. The Soldier looked sad which scared me since TFC models couldn't do facial expressions. I looked at the lobby list and saw that the only player who was playing as a Soldier... was me. I had no other choice but to scream in horror. 

I quickly shut off my laptop and threw it out my window. I went downstairs and out to my backyard to see that the laptop was broken into two pieces. I'd put my back against the wall and slowly moved down and breathed, calmly. Like before, the weeks had gone past and there was no sign of that game. On one particular day, my mum came upstairs into my bedroom and shouted "You're not even ready!" I was confused. "Ready for what?" I spoke calmly. "Leon's funeral!" My mind just quickly went back to that game. "Leon?"

"Don't start acting like an idiot with me, just get yourself ready!” I wanted to ask who he was, but I would just sound really stupid. My mum left the room, "Leon..." I said to myself.

After I got my suit on, I quickly ran into my dad's car and was still really confused about what was going on. As the car engine started and when the car was starting to move I looked out my window and saw a boy with long brown hair in my bedroom, I looked away really quickly and acted like nothing was there.

We made it to the funeral; I saw that some of my closest friends and siblings were there. I walked up to my Aunt Claire. "Hello sunshine, quite a sunny day for a funeral isn't it?" I knew what she meant, something like a funeral shouldn't be sunny, and it should be raining. I asked my aunt with a very shy expression.

I took a deep breath.

"Who's... Leon?”

My aunt looked at me, surprised.

"Well... um... It's your cousin," she replied.

I thought to myself, "Cousin?"

"And don't tell me you don't remember Charlie."

My eyes opened widely.

"Charlie!" I rose to the top of my voice.

She laughed, "Yes. Oh, I even remember him as well." 

"N... No..."  I said nervously.

"CHARLIE!” Yelled my Aunt.

A boy came walking over.

"Do you remember him now?" Asked my Aunt.

Slowly I said "Yes."

To the amount of horror flowing through my body this boy looked exactly like the boy in my window.

"Hey, I think you dropped this in your backyard," said Charlie.

I started breathing even faster when I realized, that the thing that Charlie was holding in his hands was a laptop.

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