Chances are you have heard of the animated series Futurama, which is now canceled. But have you always wondered why the show was the way it was? What I mean by that is there are a lot of mind bending things in it. I have put a theory together to explain what I mean. I do not know the real story behind the show but this is what I have pieced together  here it is.

There was once a boy named Philip J. Fry. He lived in New York city with his mom, dad, and brother. His dad was a military man and a veteran of the Vietnam War, He always seemed strict and harsh towards Fry. His mom did not really pay attention to Fry a lot as she was obsessed with football. Him and his brother Yancy fought all the time, which is normal for two brothers, but Yancy was mean to him and extremely competitive with Fry.. Fry did not have a good life. Fry was eager for Sci-fi and Fantasy. What you don't know about Fry is he had a notebook that he liked to draw things such as aliens, robots, etc...things in the realm of fantasies. Every character you see in the year 3000 is a figment of his imagination, which he drew in his notebook. Bender, Leela, Professor, Zoidberg, Amy, Hermes, Zap Branigan, Kiff, Mom and Calculon are all not real. They never existed, they are from his imagination. When Fry turned 16 his life got more depressing, he was pizza delivery boy for Mr. Panuchi for Panuchi Pizza. Fry had a girlfriend but unfortunately she left him for some guy. Fry's life sucked. He wished he could live in his fantasy world which he created in his notebook. He really wanted to escape from reality. He should have been careful for what he wished for.

On December 31st, 1999 - the final day of the 20th century - he had a pizza delivery order to some scientists in a lab In some building. He was having a moment of depression at the time. When he got to the laboratory the scientists was working on fixing some cables which were broken in another room. They told Fry to put the pizzas on the desk. When Fry got to the desk he noticed something on the wall. Instead of a cryogenic machine which you saw in the show, there was a series of shelves of chemicals. There was a big red bucket of very powerful acid on top of the left shelf. It was not sitting properly, and it looked like it could fall at any second. The new year's count down for the coming of the new century was about to begin. Fry decided to sit down and have a slice of pizza without the scientist's permission.

He leaned back in his chair and said “Here’s to another lousy millennium”.

The count down began 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. When the count down ended fry blew a noise maker in celebration, but suddenly he fell backward and hit his head against the shelves. The big red bucket of acid fell over and spilled all over Fry's head. He screamed in agony. It burned all his skin and hair and seeped into his brain. It was very damaged by the acid. The scientists heard him scream, they ran over to find him writhing in agony. They quickly called 911. He was rushed to the hospital. The doctors called his parents, who rushed right over. They found Fry was still breathing but was unable to wake up, as he was in a coma. Doctors were afraid he would never wake up, and they were right.

This is where my theory becomes depressing. When Fry went into a coma he created a dream world based on his characters from his notebook. In this fantasy world, he dreamed that there was no acid or chemicals in the lab but large cryogenic machines. He dreamed that he was trapped in one of the machines when he fell over backwards. He dreamed that instead of being burned by acid he was frozen for a 1000 years. He awakes in a futuristic fantasy world full of robots that act like humans, aliens that speak English, and a universe where space travel is possible. His world is full of hover cars, transport tubes and celebrity heads in jars. He has a beer-guzzling robot friend name Bender. Bender is a bending unit, made to bend all sorts of things. What you don't know is that Bender is based on a project Fry was making back in the real world. Fry was making a model robot in his basement using a beer can with googly eyes and mouth he drew on. He attached a car antennae to the robots head. He named him Bender. Unfortunately, Fry misplaced Bender a long time ago. He created a more detailed drawing of his model Bender in his notebook which looking a lot more futuristic. In his fantasy world, Bender is his best friend. He also created another fantasy friend named Leela, a cyclops who always thought she was an alien but it turns out she is an mutant. Mutants are forced to live underground in the 30th century. They work for a delivery company run by Fry's great-great-great nephew Professor Farnsworth. The company has a staff doctor named Zoidberg, a bureaucrat named Hermes, and an intern named Amy. They go on crazy deliveries all over the Universe. He created a lot of other fantasy characters to fill his dream world, but no further detail needed.

Meanwhile in the real world his family is very sad because of Fry's condition. The doctors know that the acid has caused irreparable brain damage causing Fry to be dumb. In his dream world he is stupid which is a reflection of his brain damage. His stupidity causes a lot of trouble for himself and his friends. Back before his coma he was rather smart. In the movie “Bender's Big Score” when Fry went back to the 20th century, he seemed smarter than usual. Note: he was still in a coma at this time.<

It's 2013. His mom died from natural causes, his brother got married and had a child. Fry is still in a coma on this day. There is a 50% chance he will awaken, 50% chance he will die. He is trapped in his mind pretty much for the rest of his life. When the show ends, that is when Fry will die or wake up. All this time when you are watching Futurama you are actually watching a teenage boy's dream while in a coma. Fry may not have a chance living in the real world but he is having a good life in his fantasy world.

Please note this is all I have been able to piece together so far. There may be more to the story.


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