Okay, I need to share this, that creatu- calm now.

The BeginningEdit

So, I was an huge fan of the sandbox Grand Theft Auto series and I owned a lot of games. I owned GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA SA all on the Xbox, not to mention GTA IV with EFLC on the 360.

The thing I like to do most in GTA on PC is modding. That's how it starts.

I was watching an YouTube video called GTA SA My Mod that only had 4 viewers. It looked awesome, it had new cars, new textures, ENB Series(Graphic Mod), and new pedestrians. Even a new island. After the video, I looked in the description for a download link. It did. It sent me to an site named RapeModly and it had the mod.

The download was called: GTA.RAR

I downloaded it. It took me 4 hours to download it. After the download was done I pasted the mod into my GTA SA folder.

The HorrorEdit

I started the game,and it loaded. I was not at the alleyway with the BMX, I was now spawned in the Back O' Beyond. It wasn't the same mod as in the YouTube video, it still looked the same as the original one, as if this was a minor mod. I was pissed, but I started walking. Then I heard a voice whispering. It said:


I thought, "My mind is probably playing tricks on me." But that was wrong.

A creature, that looked so real, so horrifying, was standing. Watching me. I then realized that the clock has frozen at 00:00 as if I activated the "Clock stays at 00:00" cheat. Every time I blinked that creature was getting closer. Then, CJ was controlling himself, walking. I was trying to control him, but nothing worked. When he was next to the creature, he..No, it had large... sunken... black eyes.

One minute passed, the game's color began to get dull and graphics began to distort.

I was about to stop. I pressed ESC to pause but nothing happens. I pressed the Windows logo on my keyboard, but it wouldn't budge.. I tried Ctrl+Alt+Delete, but it also didn't work. Then images with strange things showed up. Like a horse with 1 leg, or woman eating glass! There were more images, but they were just too disgusting to discuss. They didn't seem to be captured from the game, it was actually real-world images! I kicked the computer, and the computer turned off. I'm still having nightmares. I'm having a sort of insomnia.

I tried to turn my PC on...but it didn't turn on, as if the power was unplugged. Plugging out and back in the cables would make no change at all. Perhaps one of the computer parts got damaged after I kicked the CPU last time. I threw it in the trash can. I am seeing things. Wierd things....

After about 7 months later, I had enough money to buy a new computer.

I went to the original website, but it showed an 404 Error. I went to the video, but the video is nowhere to be found.

Even though I bought a new computer and GTA.Nightmare is gone, I am still a bit shooken up. I don't know what to do. I still have visions in my head about that wierd thing with large, sunken black eyes, and have nightmares most at the time. I still play the games though, but only on a rare occasion. I really hope that there will be a time where I forget about all of this. Because, this isn't normal.

Written by ATrollPastaReader
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