Chars Counterattack 1st LD

Remember Mobile Suit Gundam?

It was an anime about a teenager named Amuro Ray who joins a group called the Earth Federation to defeat the Principality of Zeon. I was involved with the show, but the only thing I did was create the character Garma Zabi. As I showed the character to Yoshiyuki, he absolutely loved it and there he was placed in both the manga and the anime. Now, he's not as famous as say, Char Aznable, for he only had four episode appearances until he got killed in episode ten. In 1979, after the show's cancellation because of poor ratings, plastics models of the Mobile Suits called Gunpla came into existence and had a booming success. Because of this, Mobile Suit Gundam came right back on air for 43 episodes.

After the show wrapped, I left Japan for America, got married, and had two beautiful children. Near the end of the year 2000, my son contacted me to announce that Mobile Suit Gundam was to air on Cartoon Network under the Toonami line. The sheer feeling of nostalgia came inside me, knowing that I worked on that anime nearly 20 years ago. In mid 2001, the show aired until September 11 came. That and many other shows with violent content were removed temporarily, but that wasn't the same for Mobile Suit Gundam. In 2002, it was given a second chance but on Adult Swim. Because of poor ratings, it was canceled and would never air again.

Back when in June, traveled to visit my children who now have children of their own. I told my grandchildren stories of my youth and there we had a feast. There were hamburgers, colorful fruits of the sorts, shrimp, calamari, and grilled chicken salad. I happily enjoyed being with my family and what they have done in life. As I spent the night with them, my son gave me a disk that said in bold marker "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM EPISODE 15" He left without saying a word. Something was wrong. Maybe it was the unaired English dub of episode 15 and was a gift for me.

As I placed the CD on my laptop, there was a file that said Garma.avi. Garma? What does episode 15 have to do with Garma? He died five episodes ago, so how could he still be alive? In pure curiosity, I opened the file. It didn't show the traditional opening or the title card. I was surprised that the episode was in excellent quality. I was highly expecting it to be in horrid condition like in those… what do you call them, Creepypastas? It showed Char Aznable sitting on a bed, maskless and brooding. Right off the bat something was wrong. Char, this brave and evil man, is now sitting there like a wimp. There wasn't even narration to tell what the hell is going on. As the frame was slowly dimming, there was flashing along with an obscure silhouette with Japanese words on it. It said: "You can't get away from this." Get away from what? The next frame showed Char Aznable holding a gun to his head. What was Char doing with a gun? Why was he all of a sudden going suicidal? Again, there were flashes and more Japanese words. "I'm sorry Garma, if only you weren't a Zabi…" BANG! A gunshot was heard and a red flash appeared in a blood like state.

After that, the credits rolled. There was no sound, just silence. At the end of the credits, it showed Garma, heavily scarred. His lips were missing, showing his teeth and gums. His left arm was heavily mutilated with nothing but scars. The eyes were empty and blank. Slowly, Garma began to smile and his eyes began to have red pupils and a loud scream pierced my ears.

The file closed itself and I took the CD out of my laptop. What kind of sick fuck would make this? I found myself worn and sleep conquered me.

After visiting my family, I went back to Japan and contacted Mr. Yoshiyuki about the CD. I invited him over to my house for dinner and I discussed the CD to him. I presented the episode to him and there his face began to be filled with horror. I placed my hand on his shoulder and his face went right back to normal. "We must never speak of this ever again. Do you understand me?" Yoshiyuki spoke. I hesitantly nodded. As he slowly walked out of my house, I began staring at the CD.

I'm not sure what to do now. I can hear Garma calling me. I will happily respond to his call.

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