I was searching Google for some games I could play. I found some interesting games, but there was 1 game that stood out the most to me. "GOLDEN EYE 64". I remember this game title from my childhood. I decided to buy it because I wanted to experience the games that I played in my childhood. I searched my house for my old N64 so I could play it. I found it in my closet and it was covered with a red substance. I blowed my N64 to get the substance off. The red stuff was weird because I thought it was red dust, but it was actually a red liquid...

2 weeks after I ordered the Golden eye 64, it came in the mail. It was encased in a raggedy, old cardboard morphed into a box. I went inside my house to start playing it. When I cut up the cardboard box, I saw the cartridge along with some papers. I started hooking up my N64 and inserting the cartridge in my N64. When I turned on my television, I saw the title screen of James Bond walking across the screen while I viewed him through a tubular object. He then shot the screen as he usually did, but this time instead of the screen being covered with a red filter, REAL blood emanated from the top of the screen. I attempted to get up and touch the real looking blood on the screen. When I was close to the screen, James Bond’s face covered up the screen and an ear-splitting shriek came out of the television speakers. I immediately fell down on my floor.

After a short period of time, the sound abruptly stopped. I got back up and saw that the option selection screen was on the screen. I then proceeded to get my video camera so I could record any other inconsistencies. I placed it on the table and pointed the camera at the screen. I then proceeded as normally. I wanted to play the story mode, and when I selected "story mode”, I was shocked because the maps names were weird. The names are as follows (in order): Paradise / The Incident / Murder Scene / Gateway to Hell / Satan's Crib / Your Murder Video. 

I selected Paradise. It loaded. My character was in some wack clothes. The clothes were red. My mission was to go back into my room. When I got to the room, my mission was completed and the screen faded out of view. Although, when I entered the room, there was a shadowy figure with a knife. He/she was ready to kill!

The next level played automatically. When The Incident finished loading, I was greeted with a scary face covering the screen with a demonic grin. I was somehow strapped to the bed. The face zoomed out and it was stabbing me until I was bleeding profusely from the chest. He then grabbed another knife and started to double-stab me. My character died.

The next level wasn't a level at all. It was just some pictures of the room after my character died. The pictures had a large quantity of blood. I was legit scared. I checked my recording camera if it got all of it so I can post it on the internet. It has all of it. I started another video on my camera and pointed it at the screen and set it on the table.

The next level loaded and it was showing a place on fire. The mission was to enter the Pentagram. I commanded my character to walk forward into the pentagram. The pentagram started to glow and be set on fire. It dilated about 4:4 units and after the dilation was done, the pentagram became a PENTACLE. it was done.

The next level was a very spacious house and Satan was there, looking at me. My character died.

The next level wasn’t a level at all. It was a video of something stabbing a guy until he bleeded. I noticed that the guy was my character and it was my TRUE MURDED VIDEO. After the figure killed my guy, the video then forwarded to a realistic video. it was as if it was a live stream. It was viewing a guy and he had no idea that he was being watched. The guy was watching a television that looked like mine. The guy holding the camera held up a knife with his other hand. Then it hit me. The guy being watched and murdered............................................WAS ME>!>!

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