This is the introduction of Opposing Force...

Okay, this is Goose 7 main power systems are check and are online.

As the pilot said, Shephard was laughing with two other HECU Marines as they are going to Black Mesa. Shephard saw the cliff meaning they were closed to Black Mesa (Surface Tension). A few minutes before arriving to Black Mesa...

What in the name of God is those aircrafts?!

Shephard also saw the undid tidied flying objects that seems to be Hostiles when it attack Goose 3 Squad.

File:Concept Art- Crash Site.jpg


The HECU Commander started talking..

"Listen up Squad! Prepare for landing, we are under heavy attack! Your mission is to-"

Before he could continue, the Alien Craft shot the right wing of the Chopper, causing it to crash down...

"Welcome to Black Mesa..."


Opposing Force: Welcome to Black Mesa.

To be continued..

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