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“Gravity Falls” is a show on Disney Channel. It’s about two siblings named Dipper and Mabel Pines who live in Gravity Falls, and discover everything that’s strange.

But, is everything strange, not strange at ALL? Maybe it’s not Gravity Falls who’s strange? No, it’s just Dipper.

Dipper Pines was born mental, but his parents didn't want to point that out to him; and if he saw them again, they still wouldn't. His imagination is taking over his mind, and it makes him think that everything in Gravity Falls is strange. The people of Gravity Falls understand that, and go along with it anyway.

In the episode, “The Inconveniencing”, none of that really happened. The adults were just telling him that the teenagers got them so mad, they felt like turning into ghosts, which since he is just 12, and this is Disney we're talking about, it made since. But since Dipper is mental, he thought they really had died. Some of the episode was the teenagers following Dipper’s “games”, and the rest was just his imagination.

Dipper and Mabel Pines’ parents had abused Mabel (but it was never shown). So just in case she wasn't thinking about committing suicide or anything like that, they gave her depression pills. As you can tell, it worked. This is why she is happy all the time. To note, it’s been a long time since Mabel had seen her parents.

As you probably know, or didn't know, Soos’ real name is Jesús. Similar to Dipper, he hit his head real hard and now he is dumb, and calls himself Soos. But is he really stupid? In reality, that didn't really effect him, but he still act’s dumb. He is really smart, though, and he knows more than you’d think.

So, there’s the truth behind Gravity Falls. Next time you watch it, you might think of things differently than what’s programmed.

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