I'm a very big fan of the Valve's games. But Half Life is my favourite on of them all.

When I was playing half Life 2 I was sent a gift form Steam. It was a game called HalfLife.exe. It had no page, picture or blurb.

I had an old computer so it was always glitching out.

When I clicked to start installing my computer went blue screen and I had to restart it. I restarted it and when I got on it had installed and was starting to play. It all started the same but when I got to the main screen it showed Doc Freeman surrounded with G-men.

I started a new game and it went to the 3rd to last level "Our Benefactors." I did the parkour and when I got through it I was hit by a G-man.

I found it strange as G-man can't interact with the player. It only said I could go to the main screen and when I went there it showed Doc Freeman with bent out bones.

This was a hacked game. If I clicked load game my firewall wouldn't find out it was hacked and kill it.

When it came up it showed all my saved games from the Half Life game. I chose my favorite level: "Don't go into RavenHold." It was fine but when ever I was to see Father Grigori I would see G-mans shadow.

I got to the bit when Father Grigori gives you the shotgun, G-man covered me.

When I woke up I was surrounded by G-men. One of the G-men walked up to me and stuck his hand in my face. my screen covered in blood and I died.

The HalfLife.exe disappeared. I opened the original HL2 game, and it was all normal.

I did some research, and then I found out that Half Life was going to be a horror zombie-killing game.

If you find this game or anything like please talk to me and tell me.

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