I was a huge fan of the Halo franchise and I've been playing the games since the second installment of the series "Halo 2". Upon the release of Halo 4, my friends and I would play with each other online during the weekends. One night after playing the hell out of multiplayer with my friends, I got bored and wanted to play something else. I went to my drawer (where all my Xbox 360 games were) and tried searching for something else to play. I found some classic 360 games like Gears of War, Fable 2, and Halo 3. I instantly picked up Halo 3, opened the box and started the game up. 

I couldn't wait to play this, I haven't played this game for a couple of years. When I got to the menu, I chose campaign and selected the mission "Sierra 117", to get me warmed up for multiplayer and to get familar with the controls. After finishing the mission, I started multiplayer. At the multiplayer menu, I selected the "Team Slayer" playlist and started playing. After the match was over, I realized that I was not as good as I imagined. So I messaged my two friends, Tyler and Jason online and asked if they would like to play with me. After a few minutes, they joined my party. We selected the "Team Slayer" playlist and joined a lobby. As we were playing, we came across a player named "txenruoY". He was the "MVP" (Most Valueble Player) of the opposing team with 36 kills to 0 deaths.

Since Jason had a mic, he told txenruoY that his name was retarted. I went to take a look at txenruoY's player card and I saw that he had no bio, no friends, no stars of reputation, no gamer pic, no etc. I checked his achievements and only found Halo 3. Strange I thought to myself. I messaged Jason telling him that he could be foreign or something. After that, we quit the lobby and started searching for a new match. In the middle of searching, I received an invite from txenruoY. I told Tyler and Jason about the invite and they told me to join. Without hesitating I joined his game. When we joined his game, it was a custom game of Team Slayer on the map Construct. We noticed that the only player who was in this lobby was txenruoY and he was on the green team. txenrouY messaged me to tell my friends to be on the same team as me. When Tyler and Jason were on the same team as me, texnruoY messaged me saying "Suffering awaits". I shrugged it off and started playing. The only weapon that was 

available in the match was the energy sword. Since the energy sword can kill a enemy in one strike and our team was of three players, I thought that we could easily kill this guy. As the match went on, I noticed that there was blood on his armor, blood never appears like that in Halo before. I thought to myself that it was maybe a update for the game. When the match was over, I checked our team K/D and saw that I had 19 deaths, Tyler with 16, and Jason with 15. We all left the lobby thinking that it is impossible to kill this guy. It was late so we all went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and turned the Xbox on. When I went online, I got one message and one voice message from txenruoY.

I played the message and I heard something rather disturbing. I heard realistic screaming of two people and judging by the sounds of it the two people are being stabbed. Disturbed and shook, I stopped the voice message and looked at the other message. The message was a picture of two mangled bodies laying on a road with their intestines hanging out of there bowels. I quickly noticed the two bodies as Tyler and Jason. They had visible stab marks on their chest and stomach. Looking at Tyler's body, he had 16 stab wounds. As I saw Jason's body, he had 15 stab wounds. I was so scared, I deleted the messages, blocked him, and contacted Microsoft online support. When Microsoft sent me a response, they told me that they had no record of the player ever being registered. Then I noticed something that caught my attention, the player's name. Something was strange about his name. I thought maybe there was some sort of word in his name. So I got a sheet of paper and wrote some possible words. And then I got the discovered something. txenruoY spelled backwards is Yournext.........

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