All I wanted that day was to play a simple video game.

A while ago, I had an experience that I’d rather not share but I think you’d “enjoy” it. I was playing Halo 4 at like midnight with some friends and we decided to play matchmaking swat. The game loaded up and when we started we had nerdgasms, the gametype allowed all of the rifles that can headshot in the game. As a fan of the Covenant, I chose the Carbine. I pressed select to see the scoreboard and it had the scores and it said:




It seemed normal but I thought there was only normal swat in that playlist. It all started to get fucked up when someone got the first kill. The map, Adrift, started to change to a much more red map. The enemy Spartans looked like insane-asylum patients. White faces, the most morbid smile I’ve seen ever, creepy black eyes, and their armor wasn’t even there, it was just what looked like a white jacket. Tombstones started to rise from the map, the little computers in the map said "3LIM3N4T3", my friends all went offline.

The Spartan kept repeating “The graveyard has been entered.”

I almost shit my pants.

But then, the Spartan said to me, "Why are you up so late? I think you should go to sleep”

I looked behind me, the house was creaking, and there he was, he said to me, with a quiet, soft voice:

“Go to sleep.”

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