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Last month, I decided to search the internet for any haunted games. I found many stories and in fact, some of them is already written here. Well, this story is about one of my favorite SNES games, The Harley's Humongous Adventure. I read the story and I was so creeped out to read those stories.

The Cartridge named: Harley's HumorEdit

There's a boy named Joshua. He is now a collage graduate. While he is busy accepting his diploma, he always remember and will never forget what happened 13 years ago.

When he was grade 3, he is a school bully. He always stole all items he wanted. Including phone, toys and many many more. He is totally a bad kid. His father bought him an SNES console (since SNES is popular that time)  so that he will play and stop bullying. He didn't like it so he keep that console for months. He continued bullying. One day, he went outside the school and saw an SNES cartridge vendor. The vendor looks like old. And he was traveling with his big stout cart full of SNES cartridges around the world to find buyers. He saw a cartridge. Envy entered his system and he planned that he will stole it.

After a few minutes, the vendor went out to pee. He go down and get the cartridge. He inspected it. There was a sticker that looks like torn and scratched. There is a big pentel pen mark on the cartridge: "HARLEY'S HuM0R!" Then, suddenly, someone held his right shoulder. It was so cold. He turned his back to see who it is. He was so shocked to see that it was the cartridge vendor. Then the cartridge vendor say in a very low deep old voice: "Why are you stealing my cartridge?" He was so shocked! He ran far far away to and made it so fast. He put the cartridge deep inside his cabinet and he planned to play it later. He went back to school and he was marked as "cutting classes". He ignored it. After classes, he went back to his home. He saw his mother and father and scolded him for cutting classes. After the long murmurings, he went to his room and closed the blinds. He checked the clock: It's already 8:00 PM" He checked his SNES console. All these time, he doesn't knew that he will use it. He plugged the console on the TV and insert the cartridge. He opened the TV and the console. The game starts normally. Soon, he found out that the real title of the game is Harley's Humongous Adventure. Normal  things happened. He watched the mini caption first before playing.

Harley is a scientist who found a new element on his lab. But something contaminated it and the container of the formula broke. Harley went small and some elements go stronger. The title screen started. He pressed the start button. After that, he heard a loud deep low voice laughing. He was so creeped out! But still he continued playing. Harley was in the lab collecting items for 45 seconds. After that, the next stage was kitchen. Nothing's also wrong with that. He was now on the playroom. Creepy things started here. When he road the tank, a loud laugh appeared. He ignored it and turned the volume off. Then he continued. There are no balls coming. Instead, the devil who spits fire was always there, they are too many! No, they are really, really massive! a little block has almost 50 devils spitting here and there. Cannons dealt 1 death per bullet, but this time, you need to fire 5 bullets to make 1 devil die! This cause him to die. Well, after that, he wasn't redirected to the office bell. Instead, he was on a strange room. The background was black. And there are boxes stacked up on both sides. After that, a flash appeared (signifying thunders or lightning). After that, a really big super sonic low deep laugh appeared! He remembered that he closed/mute the volume. A big Phanto appeared! Yes! A phanto from Super Mario. This Phanto 


laughs for every 10 seconds. And this one also follows Harley. After a long run trying to escape or bombard this phanto, the phanto moved and touched Harley. Harley died. A big screeching scream appeared followed by the laugh of Phanto.

Where is it?Edit

After that, Joshua fainted. Few moments later and he saw himself lying on the hospital bed. He saw his mom and dad. "What happened?" "A burglar entered our house! And he stole something deep inside your cabinet. When you saw him, you faint." said his father. "What time did the burglar entered our home?" "Exactly 8:00 PM" her mother said. He was so shocked! That time, he played with his SNES. After discharging at the hospital, he checked his cabinet and he never saw the cartridge.

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