I have made a terrible mistake. As I am typing this, I am sure he is coming for me.

It all began when I found a piece of paper, in a ring of stones, near my grandfather's property. On that paper, the ring of stones was diagrammed but on the stones, there were symbols that made no sense to me at all. I had a strange urge to draw them, but I resisted. A few weeks later, we went back, and I went straight to the ring. I had brought some charcoal with me, and I was debating whether or not to draw the symbols. Eventually, I decided to go ahead and draw them.

When I did, they glowed and let off heat. A tremor shook the ground, and I fell. I awoke without knowing I had been out. I did not know how long I was out, but there was fog everywhere. The woods looked weird and warped in it. I had absolutely no idea which way to go to get back. I saw a weird shape in the mist, and I had an irrational fear of the spindly shape. When it started moving towards me, I screamed and ran. I made it back, admittedly after tripping on a few roots. As soon as I got home I began typing this as a warning. to all who live in Tennessee. He is unleashed, the Slenderman, he is free.

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