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Hello Mario fans. Aren't you so ever caring for Luigi because Luigi has no spotlight? Because Mario "Is always number one?" Well, all in one week, all things in the Mario Kingdom changed. It was late at night and Mario was out fighting Bowser, whom had taken the battle to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario was winning definitively, but the Koopas had not begun their assault yet.

Mario dodged the Koopa attacks one after another. One of the central koopas breathed in heavily. He spit out an engulfing flame that burned anything that touched it. Mario dodged, only to see the fireball hit Luigi's house. The top of the house caved in. The roof fell in. Yoshi, who had become a household pet, was crushed first. Blood splattered the floor before intestines and brains. It didn't scare the green Mario brother. Just like its not scaring you. But unlike you, it saddened him. A large portion of the roof caved in on Luigi. Mario saw this from a distance.

Mario immediately finished Bowser by his neck so that he could run to Luigi. Mario began to pull him out of the wreckage with the assitance of fellow Toads. Koopas checked if Bowser was okay. Some, who felt liberated, had the guts to cry out praise for the killer of the king. Soon Luigi was pulled out of the burning building. He sat there bleeding and burning. The Toads, blinded to the destruction, cheered Mario on for this victory that had been achieved. This was supposed to be Luigi's time, his time for memorial, and in a way his five minutes of fame. The Toads and Mario wandered off to Peach's castle, to rebuild and to mourne, for the long loved, lost friend Yoshi, and possibly even Mario's own brother.

Luigi would never forget the single figure who had attempted to save him. She was a brown haired and yellow suited princess. She took Luigi to her castle and aided him for the night. In the morning he was functioning.

Secretly, she had plans for Luigi to become the only Mario brother.

She handed him a knife.

Luigi looked at the sharp object with intense curiostiy. He would never forgot the incident where his own brother forgot him in his time of need. He would also make sure nobody else would.

He was prepared to seek and destroy. The betrayal had been exopsed to him. Yet he knew with a knife he had to kill them all one by one. Inefficient. He knew if he was to carry out the plan successfully, he would have to perform the murders in ways that would go undetected. He spied on Donkey Kong, who had moved to a nice, lush region of the jungle. Luigi, spying from the roof into the house, threw the knife he had obtained into a lamp that was illuminating over Kongs head. Glass shattered all over his face, cutting him in the most fragile of places. He punched the glass, too stubborn to move away, driving it into his skin more, before he fell over dead.

The next day Luigi closed off all the shops midday. He snuck upon each Toad running shops and gutted each with his knife. He then murdered all employees and possible witnesses. On the third day of his psychopathic reign, he moved to Dinosaur Island and used his knife to cut open Bowser's orphaned children. He left the hearts of each turtle on the doorstep to Mario's house. On the fourth night he dreamed of lighting a pre-school on fire and laughed as he watched children, who had transformed into orphans in Luigi's mind, run out flaming intensly. The fifth day lead to a break, encouraged by Daisy because might drive Mario to action.

On the sixth day Mario was captured. He awoke in a dark room where he was bound to a chair. When he saw Luigi standing before him, the man that he once regonized as his brother looked horryfying, not bleeding or malformed, just the lunatic he had become. Mario was brutally beaten by his only brother for a full day. At the dawn of the seventh day, Luigi took Marios life swiftly.

He became the only Super Mario Brother alive.

Written by TheBoldWriter
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