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When I was visiting my uncle's house for a party, I went to my uncle's room to play one of his games. He has a PS3 and a high end gaming laptop. I went to see his game collection to see if I can borrow one of his game.

Until then, I saw a PC game called Hunting Unlimited 2010. I always wanted to play this game on my computer but the game was rusted like it was never used for weeks.

So, I took it without no one knowing. When I got home, I opened the game box but the disc was dusty. I didn't really care so, I put the disc in the computer to play it.

I click on the game and the game started automatically. The game didn't have the PlayTHQ or SCS Software. Instead, it just went straight to the game menu. The screen in the right in where you see the animals walking around. Instead, it showed dead animals lying on the floor. I was really grossed out that why would a game like this would have disturbing contents.

I press free play to hunt some animals for fun. However, there was only one map, which was called Dead Forest. I also couldn't select any animals at all, they were chosen for me already. I select my gun and the guns I chose the Ultra Magnum and Colt M1911. There was also no equipments such as the ATV or a Elk Call.

I press play hunt and the hunt starts loading like normal. After loading, it takes me to where you see the animal and the miles the animal is from you. The animal was a white tailed deer but the white tailed deer was zombified like half of the skull was shown, realistic blood marks were on him, and bones were showing.

The game starts and there was the same zombified white tailed deer already there right in my eyes. I pull out my rifle to shoot him but the odd part was that the deer was looking at me once I move my player. I stand there and the deer wasn't looking at me. I shot the deer in the head. When it comes to bullet cam, once the bullet was in the head, the deer's head was blown up.

This was the most gruesome part I've ever seen for a hunting game ever in my life. I also couldn't tag the animal at all. There was a message displaying on the bottom. It said "Where are you going". I went to the forest in the map and there was a grizzly bear, which was also zombified like the white tailed deer. The bear has no pupils, has blood on his mouth, has blood marks on him,has bones on both of its legs, and has bones on both sides of his torso.

The grizzly bear was more disturbing than the white tailed deer. The bear was walking close to me. It was also staring at me. I shoot the bear quick and it's head was blown up like the white tailed deer. I also couldn't tag the bear either. A message appeared again saying this "Where are you going".

I went out of the forest and to a house. There was a white tailed deer, which was zombified like the other white tailed deer. I shoot the deer far away from the deer and it just died within one bullet but no blood was coming out of it.

Again, I couldn't tag the animal and the message appeared. This time, it said this "You have killed us, all of us". Wait, isn't the whole game suppose to be killing animals. If it is, then, why does it tell me that I've killed all of them.

Then, a shadowish animal appeared that looks like either a lion or a bear. The hunt was complete already. The new map on the map section appeared called Corpse. Now, the only gun I can only choose was called Death Machine. The gun was a revolver that had blood covered in the metal part and has a logo on it that was called 666.

I press play hunt and the same loading screen appeared as usual. I wouldn't believe in my eyes. The map was Alaska but the most disturbing part was that there were dead animals everywhere. They're heads were blown up, legs were dismembered, bodies were decomposed, bullet holes were on them, and rifles were stabbed on the body.

The same shadowish animal appeared but now this time, the animal was walking towards me even though I'm not moving. I pull out the Death Machine and shoot the animal. The bullet was red and the shadow animal disappeared when the bullet hit it.

The message appeared again saying this "You have killed us, all of us. Now , you muse face the consequence" and the mission was complete.

Now, there's a new map called 666. I select the map and I select my gun. Now, the only gun I can only choose was 666. The gun was a bolt action rifle and everything was red like there was no texture.

When I play hunt and yet, shows the same loading screen. It was the same map but this, almost everything was on fire and they were dead bodies but they were humans instead of animals. The bodies were burnt, dismembered, decomposed, or even bitten violently.

The devil appeared in which looked like a human but his skin was red. This time, he was a AI instead of a prop. He had a Colt M1911 on his hand. There was a girl murmuring heard in the background in Japanese. The player pulled out his gun automatically and shot the devil. The player pull out his pistol called Death Machine, which was odd because there wasn't the Death Machine in the gun selection menu. After he shot the devil, he shoots himself in the chest and dies.

The message appeared that said this "This happens when you kill animals" and the game exits out itself. This was the creepiest game I've ever played in my entire life. I eject and brought my disc and bury the disc on my yard. Now that I bury that disc, I don't have to worry about the game anymore.

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