This...Slenderman Phenomenon is spreading across the globe ain't it? It's just an urban myth. Slenderman doesn't exist...right? It's either the stories I read or my exciting imagination, but I can see Slenderman...not all the time, just, out of the blue moon. When I let in my dog once, I saw him. He did nothing but if he had eyes, as if he was admiring me...another time I saw him was when I was sick, and I was going up my stairs to my room. Slender man was there, then, as I blinked, he was gone. I decided to draw Slenderman on my computer, and bring it up with my therapist. He said I was just seeing things, as usual. The hallway, most likely, but when I let my dog in, that was real. Of course, it was dark and cold that night but, I still thought I saw him.

So one night, I grabbed my flash light and went into the woods in my backyard. I brought my sweet dog, Joy, a Rottweiler whose just adorable in my eyes. I was walking along, then I noticed something gooey on the ground. I shined my flash light on it, just a mud puddle. I sighed as I walked along, getting bored as I kept putting a trail behind me, so I know my way back. I heard a booming effect in the woods, then a cawing of a crow pack as they flew away. I examined it, and then, all of the sudden, a roar behind me. I quickly turned around, and there was a grizzly bear behind me, it's yellow teeth and rancid breath got to me. Joy ran to attack the beast, but it smacked the poor Rottweiler to the ground, wounding it. I was frozen in terror, as I saw the bear began to rip into Joy, like a walker from the Walking Dead show. Her wails were gruesome to listen to, it was obvious Joy was in excruciating pain. My eyes adjusted to the dark, my flash light had fell to the ground, and the bear was eating the flesh from my dog, Joy's heart was visible, no longer beating, she was most definitely dead. I soon snapped out of my trance, and began running to the house, following my trail. I then noticed my trail was only going in a circle, I was definitely sure that I always dropped my trail. I soon realized that the bear was following me, its rancid breath and gore covered claws soon grabbed me, and jumped me to the ground. It clawed into my back, and then lifted, as I heard a loud boom.

A slimy black tentacle grabbed me, and when I looked to my left, there was...Slenderman. Slenderman was attacking the bear, ripping into it, not too gruesome, but just enough to kill it. Soon, Slenderman knocked me out with a hard hit to the head with its gory tentacles. I woke up in my bedroom, extremly confused. Did Slenderman...SAVE me? He had to! How did I get back here? I was greeted by my down syndrome sister, who glomped me with her gibberish talk. I was relieved, but then I saw a note on her back. I picked it up. The note said: "YoUr My FiRsT fRiEnD"

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