Change. Everyone has a daily routine. They get up, from a specific bed in a specific bedroom, they eat a specific Breakfast while listening to a Specific TV or Radio programme, you get dressed into a specific uniform, etc. When thrown out of this routine you react in... Odd ways. I did, and I payed the price.

Entry 1 15/04/13Edit

Why did it fascinate me so much? Why did it affect me in such a way that I hauled my franky, quite lazy arse up here to write this? I don't know, I truly don't. I only thought to bring it here because in an odd way. It scared me, it really did. I woke up in my bed in my usual fashion, drooling with one leg in the bed and the other out of sight. 

The TV glared at me, blinding my eyes with a blue screen with 'No Signal Input' bouncing around the screen. I did my usual thing, stared entranced by the thing, watching to see if it hits the corner of the monitor, never did. I went downstairs expecting to hear the droning and boring voice of Bill Turnball and Suzanna Reid, the two hosts on BBC Breakfast. My Dad would religiously turn to that channel every morning at 6 am, even if he was going to work.

Anyway I walked in, dragging my feat along the wooden floor, dodging my excited cat, Sasha as she frantically sprints around the room. I turn to the TV, in response to an unfamiliar sound, it was the voice of Benson from Cartoon Network's Regular Show. I'm that guy who's very wary of time, and how much of it I have, that's how I knew there was something special about today. The very absence of the familiar News Reader voices affected me in such a way that I didn't scarf down Breakfast in a matter of minutes to make time for my scheduled morning Shower. No instead I sat down, staring at the TV. It was just another episode.

Entry 2 16/04/13Edit

Don't worry. This is no Story about a Creepy Regular Show episode. No, I know now why it scared me. I know why I switched back to Bill and Suzanna as if they were my comforting parents. It's the name. REGULAR Show...

It must of got me thinking, that morning. I was so out of my Regular routine! I spent so much time that morning watching the 'No Signal Input' bounce around on the screen, eating my Cereal like a proper human being with a different TV Programme in front of me, and I didn't have my Morning shower because I wasn't wary of time as I usually am! It all made sense as I strolled to School in the morning, and strolled back. One little change, as little as a voice you hear in the morning, can change it all! Everything, and that's how it starts. I'm curious to see what else will go down soon. What else will that tiny change in my routine trigger or cause. I'll keep you posted.

Entry 3  20/04/13Edit

Four days have passed since I made sense of the abnormal fear I felt. I still don't feel I know enough though. I still feel as if something was genuinely affecting me that morning. I asked around, mainly within the family if I've ever been known to react strongly to anything, well how I put it was 'New'. This didn't help me much as all I got were jokes and laughs about my reaction to the first day at my new school.

I hated it, but that's a story for another day, if at all. Anyway I took the old saying 'Google is your friend' into consideration and took for the Internet. I myself didn't know exactly how I was to put it into words but Google must of understood my pathetic description of the feeling. I came to the conclusion that I may have Neophobia. 'The abnormal fear of newness'.

Entry 4  21/04/13Edit

It can't be that. It just can't be. If that were my problem I would have killed someone, or myself when I joined Secondary School! The change I went through then was MASSIVE, new people, a new route new everything! It didn't make sense that a new School and completely new daily routine didn't affect me as much as a slightly disorientated morning routine! In fact as I dug around physically and mentally I found that I've undergone as much change in life as the next guy, and came out OK, any Human has. I've undergone the loss of Loved ones, Pets and Friends and came out of it with new experiences, life lessons, and friends! Yet a God damn cartoon comes on in the morning, and I'm completely BEWILDERED. I became angry today. Angry that I've endured all this and I'm to be defeated by a damn TV Show.

Then it happened. The Powercut. I was on the Computer at the time, I reached for my phone for light, turning the phone over the wall in front of my TV was lit up. Turning the Phone back on its face, I figured that the illuminated wall was not because of light from my Phone, but light from my TV. It was somehow still on. Peering my head round I saw the familiar Blue Screen, and a black box with 'No Signal Input' written in it. It was bouncing around every time missing the corner of the screen.

Walking out, lighting up the hallway with my Phone, I heard a familiar voice from downstairs, walking downstairs, the voice became much louder. Upon walking into the Living room the TV was still on! Benson was there on screen, ranting as he was that morning. Looking over at the Dining Table, there was my bowl of cereal, half eaten as it was that morning. 'What the fuck' I literally exclaimed! Where was my family, what the hell is going on?

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