I'm a very curious person, but today, my curiosity put me in my own Hell.

Lately, I have been watching gameplay of "The Binding Of Isaac- Wrath Of The Lamb" the new DLC of the original game, it included new bosses, new areas, new characters, new items, and new enemies, the boss that I found to be the most interesting, however, is "The Mask Of Infamy" character, for 2 reasons; 1. It was the only boss without a health bar, and 2.

During the second phase of the fight, the mask would become more aggressive and gain a crack in the back of its head, revealing a small figure.

I really wanted to know about this figure within the mask of infamy, so I did some research on the boss by going to the Binding Of Isaac Wiki, and here's what I found: "The thing inside is not living" there was no real information about it, but I assume that it was dead.

My brain was deflating from all the thinking, so I decided to give it a break and play my copy of Wrath Of The Lamb. Strangely, however, it started me on the Necropolis level, and put me right in-front of the boss door, so I went in, and I was soon battling The Mask Of Infamy, there was no music, however, all I could hear were realistic heart beats.

I soon entered the second phase, but the mask was more angry and had more cracks in it then before, and it was screaming, screaming for the whole remainder of the battle, and the figure wasn't even inside it. I wasn't able to beat it, though, but before I died, a text box appeared saying " 'Your Answer' has appeared in the basement" then the game went to the normal death animation.

After that, I heard a *thud* coming from my basement, I went to investigate, and to my shock, I saw a hollow Mask Of Infamy sitting on the carpet of my basement, there was also a note on the floor in-front of it, it said "look inside the back" frightened, but curious, I looked inside, there was nothing in it, no figure what-so-ever. To this day, that mask is still in my basement, and it's still creepy to me today, but at least I learned about the figure, I learned it was never there......

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