Have you ever heard of an arcade in Japan called "Joypolis"? It's owned by SEGA. A bootleg one was opened in Manhattan KS. Once in 1997, a new mascot actor was hired to play the role of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Every other night, this man who liked to be called "Maurice," gathered up all of the kids he could find who weren't supervised. He told them that in the back room were "free arcade games and a mountain of tokens." The kids would walk into the room to find two arcade games, but only six tokens. The kids played for about an hour, and kids who seemed scared were dragged into another room and beat to death.

After an hour, the kids were grouped together in the back room. The kids had blindfolds put on them, and were put into a meat grinder, head first. They were put into food for the snack bar. They were called "Sausage Bits," in typical snack bar fashion. The food was delicious, until one day in November. A woman found a human ear in a basket of them. The arcade was shut down, and Maurice was sentenced to death.

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