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File:Kid with a controller.png
So lately I had just found this image on the internet. The file name was

called, "video_games.jpg" it involved a kid in a dark room with an Xbox 360 controller staring at the viewer. I saw this on a blog, on some random post, so I am kind of concerned about who posted this strange image. So anyway I was on this blog post that had to do with the 360 discontinuing on 2016, and found this image posted by someone named, "LOLCool360Man." The photo said in a caption, "Stare at this closely. Cause when you do, you're next!"

After looking closely at the photo, it started to move. Then I heard a scream downstairs. It sounded like someone was cutting themselves. Then I heard a laugh, and a voice whispering in my room saying, "Wanna play games with me?" Then the screams became louder and more full of pain. So I rushed downstairs and I saw a dark figure looking at me with knifes aimed at me, like he was going to throw them at me. I ran out of the house, but the knifes the figure was holding still came out of the window and they went right into my legs and arms. Then the dark figure was chasing after me through the house after I went back inside. I tried to fight back myself but he was so powerful, and so full of stamina, I couldn't keep up with him.

After a really long pursuit it finally tackled me near my staircase, took out a 360 controller, collapsed it into it's hand, and then it whispered, "Wanna play games with me?" Then the controller plunged into my heart.

Boris, a random kid from a random town, is playing Xbox Live with his friends from school. While online, his dad had bought him several points so he could buy the add-on of his dreams. After he got the add-on, he was then able to talk to his friends with voice chat as he entered the talk room. He then started chatting with his friends about the incident where Julia, Boris's love interest, anciently slipped into his other friend, Willy's lunch. But then while Boris was chatting in the talk room, his friend Eli, had got into a fight with him about how his account had got hacked by someone, and blamed it on Boris. Then Boris, full of rage, literally ends the conversation with a strange rage power that gives all of his friends errors, that stop the conversation. Then he stops playing for the day.

As Boris is getting ready for bed, he has a strange tingling-like feeling where he feels absolutely no pain and feels extremely powerful. Then he has to use the bathroom, but then feels like he already went, then he eventually goes to bed.

The next day, he goes to school where he finds that everyone in the entire school has realized that he stopped the converstation, and turns their backs on him. At the cafeteria, Eli continues the fight, and everyone else beats up Boris as well, they beat him up until later, after what had seemed like an extremely long fight, Boris had that strange feeling that made him extremely powerful that happened in the talk room, which causes him to get up, and beat the lights out of Eli. Then Eli attempts to get up to survive and run away, but then Boris stomps on his beaten up body so hard, his body shuts down and dies. Then everyone runs out of the room in terror. When the police eventually show up with their guns locked on Boris, Boris has the power enough to survive all of the gun wounds given by the police officers, and then fights the present police officers in the room. Then Boris runs away from the school, goes back home, and continues Xbox Live.

Later that, night Boris gets out of bed and goes to his parent's room, where they are sleeping, gets several knifes, and cuts his arm and rubs it all over his face, which causes his overly sensitive eyes to burn out and become empowered with supervision. Then he burns off his nose with a flamethrower, and then stretches his mouth so much it tears apart a little bit, and then sticks knifes into his skin which makes him a permanent smile, and breaks all of his teeth with a sledgehammer. Then his parents see his new look when waking up, and then he sets off a bomb in his home as he exits the house with his controller, and runs off into the distance, and the house explodes with his parent's head flying all over the place.

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