File:GOod foRest.jpg

Day One:Edit

It was awful, my ship has crashed on a foreign planet and it is wrecked. I went in search for the parts of my ship that had scattered across the land. If I don't get of this planet soon i know I will go insane. I will search this planets forests, rivers, and structures for my ship parts and some intelligent life forms, but for now its time to get some rest.

Day Two:Edit

I just got back from my search for ship parts and some life, and would you know it i found huge food everywhere, Some of this food was as big as my ship! I also found some alien type creature. It has a leaf on it.. how strange. It helps me out with heavy things and obstacles on this dangerous planet. I will get back to my journal tomorrow but first its time to get some rest, its going to be evening soon.

Day Three:Edit

I found more of these alien creatures! I found some reds and blues in the forests and caves and they are quite helpful. They help me move fruits and fight these strange little creatures for me. The only problem is they don't understand what I say and I am getting awfully lonely. They keep moving things without my consent, even some of my ship parts, its getting scary how they are growing in size.

Day Four:Edit

I found how they are multiplying...They kill the little animals of this planet and beam there dead bodies into their ship and more of them pop out. There's so many, I am going insane. Trying to talk to them is futile and they only work, no play, no rest,

Day Five:Edit

I now have hundreds of multi-color aliens that work all day bringing me my ship parts. My ship is almost complete but i haven't had food in days. I fear that these little aliens are stealing it. I am now seeing things that are off like the trees are in pots, and the water is purple. If i hurt anyone or anything please just know that its not intentional and if that happens then please someone, anyone help me!

Day Six:Edit

I had a run in with a huge creature in which my aliens tried to defeat it, Most of them died. I am dieing slowly but surely and i want someone to stop this madness. These aliens are driving me to the point of insanity. Life is cruel and i wish it would end...

dAy 7evn;Edit

Day time here, i am die and little alien are

no help, help me i need help. i need is help.

Help hElp heLp HElp Lphe.

DAy 8eight;Edit

Today fun, we hurt animal and go down slide, play in tree but alien dont want play. I wish would play game me.

i getting lOneLy

daY 9inN;EEdit

bye-bye world i going to go see big creature, he eat e maybe, All little aliens dead so i dead bYe-BYe WoRld

siGNned bY CapTin oliMAR"

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